TDD on Becoming a Master

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Fact number one: in order to stay relevant in this ever-evolving world, having a skill that can help you pay the bill isn't overrated, but more likely essential.

Fact number two: attending a seminar, enrolling in a short course, or even hiring a personal coach may sometimes cost an arm and a leg.

Fact number three: not everyone can afford to let go some of their hard-earned cash for personal development and skill improvement. 

These points may seem overwhelming, however don't fret yet nor be discouraged. Surely, there must be another way...

How about you allow this blog to help you? TDD is all about "doing" and "writing" something worth reading; thereto, this Page is dedicated in learning essential skills, and mastering them. Learning a new skill and mastering it requires time and a whole lot of effort. Nonetheless, with sheer determination and patience, there's nothing you can't do!

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