Hello, Gizelle here! I appreciate your time checking my site.

I believe you wanted to know more about me and what I do so let me give you a brief of what I have been doing these past 8 years.

I’m an online freelancer for five years now providing digital marketing, research and administrative support for clients located in different parts of the world. Prior to freelancing, I’ve spent my first three working years in the corporate world working in the fields of business and finance.

The span of my work experience made me well aware of the daily, almost insurmountable tasks faced by business owners, executives, managers and professionals. Finding the balance between work and personal life always has an impact on the quality of results. This realization made me resolve to myself to provide quality work without the need for supervision. I aim to give value to my clients’ money and help them save time by helping them concentrate on more important tasks.

If you feel that I can be of any assistance to you, or you know someone who needs my help, please feel free to contact me.

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Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest: @gizandcheese

So what are the perks of working with me? I pride myself as highly motivated, highly creative, and hardworking. I demonstrate sound judgment and possess a positive attitude. I am result-oriented and take ownership for quality, competence, & commitment. I have excellent interpersonal skills, dependable and organized. I welcome change with enthusiasm, I am flexible, and eager to continually learn and grow.

That's it for now. It’s nice meeting you and I hope you enjoyed my blog too! If you have the time, I’ll appreciate if you send me a feedback or suggestions. You’re one of the reasons why I keep on writing, so come back as long as you like.


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