8 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager - Immediately!

Whether your selling products, offering your services, or would like to make yourself known about who you are and what you do as a professional, an entrepreneur, or a philanthropist, you need to build your social media presence!

Obviously, social media is competing with the television (if not, it already outshined) in terms of relevancy, time consumption, and attention. It seems that people spend more time now browsing their social media feeds than watching television. It's undeniable how powerful social media is nowadays.

But what exactly is it and what is social media marketing? Why do you need it and why do you need to pay attention managing your social media sites?

Here are the briefest answers to these questions: social media allows the creation of interactive moments with your customers or prospect clients. Social media marketing helps you drive traffic to your website (if you have one) and convert leads to qualified sales or the equivalent, it can single-handedly replace expensive and old marketing mediums. Social media can be a very good venue to create and maintain your brand presence online. It also helps build your reputation, and it is where your clients can conveniently reach you.

Given how useful and how much potential social media can give to your brand (whether personal or business), it is wise to get yourself an expert social media manager to boost your chances of succeeding in this technology-induced, fast-paced, digital savvy consumers.

Now, allow me to further my point of why you need to hire an expert social media manager. I know there's more rationale when it comes to answering why you need to hire one, but here's eight compelling reasons you should start considering:

1) Social Media Can Make-or-Break Your Business

Every pros are always associated with cons, you can't expect perfection. Social media indeed is a very powerful tool that can kick-start your business, but it can also do the exact opposite - destroy it. Social media can bring negative and unwanted attention to your business or brand.

You see, your social media page, profile, or group, is a place where you will have the opportunity to hear directly from your customers. Unlike TV or print ads, social media is an interactive marketing and advertising platform where your clients can say what they think about your brand.

If you or some random staff who handles your account did some worse PR response or become snobbish, insensitive or unresponsive to what people are saying; expect this to backfire in a nasty way, and worse, it may become viral too!

An experienced social media manager knows how to handle awkward situations or rude comments. A well-trained social media manager knows how to turn things around and make it favorable instead. Your social media sites are live, 24/7, so make sure you entrust it only to an expert.

2) An expert knows the value of social media marketing and what it can do to your business

A dedicated social media manager is a trained marketing strategist. They know how to yield results, and not just post all things random. They know how social media marketing can transform your business and so they analyze, segment, target, and engage your desired audience. They know how to get you 'seen' and be heard.

3) A social media manager knows how to create your brand presence

After researching your market and niche, the social media manager will then start building your brand. They start with creating and maintaining a consistent voice with a flexible tone. They know who to target, and so they know how to get their attention.

A social media manager knows how to post and respond in line with what your brand or business embodies. When you have a huge and positive social media presence, people who don't know about you will be more inclined giving it a try to get to know you.

4) Your social media manager knows your target audience and how to reach them

One of the good reasons why your brand or business needs a social media manager is that they create consistent voice for you and adhere with your marketing plan and branding strategy.

An experienced social media manager knows how to create content that is relevant to your niche. They know when, how, and what to post and they analyze your audience' response by replicating only those that create the results you need.

A social media manager knows how to engage your followers by posting relevant content, keeping in mind your business goals as well as the interest of your audience. They creatively insert call-to-action commands in such a way that isn't annoying.

Once You Know, You Newegg

5) An expert social media manager knows that your social channels also serves as a customer interface.

First level customer service can be done through social media. A simple inquiry may be addressed easily through your social sites. Announcements, promos, or even maintenance notices can be posted in your social sites, and this can be handled easily by a skilled social media manager.

Customer disputes or grievances can turn into an area for opportunity to demonstrate that you care and that you're doing something to solve or prevent future problems. A social media manager knows how to effectively handle this situation and turn it to an excellent quality of experience.

6) A social media manager knows how to create and run your adverts

They are constantly entranced with the latest trends. And they know when, where and how the market is moving, that's how they create the right advertisement that may drive sales, traffic to your website, or increase your followers.

Instead of you doing it, and experience social media manager knows when is the best time to create an ad, for how much, how long, and what. They know how to launch an effective paid ad campaign, manage and maintain it in the most efficient yet effective way possible.


7) A social media manager frees your time

You're busy. You have a lot of work under your wing and juggling from one task to another isn't the best way to grow your business. A social media manager is someone you can trust to help your brand flourish online without hand-holding.

Imagine, just how much time you can save when you don't need to constantly check online if your brand reputation is doing well, or see if your customers are constantly leaving a bad review.

Imagine that you don't need to keep on policing the daily trends, or constantly rack your brain to curate creative content every time. All of these and more are the benefits of hiring a social media manager. You can then focus more on your core tasks and just oversee those who work for you.

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