Pomodoro: An Easy Yet Very Effective Technique to Stop Procrastinating


Do you have the tendency to procrastinate? I do. Sometimes more than what I think is normal. Although to begin with, is it even normal?

As a self-employed, ideally, inefficiency should be strictly discouraged. Though, I admit it's hard to resist being idle for some time especially if I really worked hard the previous days or if I simply feel that a rest is needed to avoid burning out. Since any signs of burning out should be prevented before it's too late. And it's simply because when you work for yourself, it is not an option.

For the record, personally, I tried numerous time management systems and really did my best to stick with it as much as possible. Despite my effort, I customarily drift off and find myself searching for another way.

I have also adopted some productivity tips to manage distractions and to keep my focus, yet it still wasn't enough. The first four months of this year for instance, I used two online timers each with its own purpose, and another three set of alarms on my phone. I cut-off my social media usage to a maximum of 15 minutes a day (except of course when I'm using it for work or business purposes).

My daily tasks can become overwhelming that I occasionally end up not doing them altogether; if not, I somewhat resorted to doing unimportant things instead. It's definitely not a win-win situation of course, my daily list just keep piling up, and well, obviously I'm procrastinating.

Generally speaking, the truth is, the most difficult to manage is oneself. That is why the need to create a system to get things done and make it work is essential to one's success.

Last month, just to share with you, while I was reading an article, I unintentionally click a link that introduced me to the Pomodoro Technique. This technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, he also published a book about it, and built a consultancy firm that specializes in productivity and software development which predominantly revolve around this concept.

I actually heard about it sometime in College, but I didn't really know the details on how it works. The previous month, I finally took the time to figure it out and I just thought it was so surprisingly simple that I guess there's nothing to lose if I try it even just for a day.

Several weeks have passed and I'm still using it along with the time management matrix (four quadrants) developed by Steven Covey to help me prioritize. I sincerely think I will keep using it for a long time. I strongly believe that, especially for freelancers and entrepreneurs, this system really work wonders and I highly recommend it.

See for yourself, it's so easy!
Credit: https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique

Even before trying it, I was thinking, twenty-five minutes doesn't sound like a big commitment and that hey maybe it'll work especially in days when I feel like lazing around.

In addition, my inquisitive nature did tons of research on what science says about this technique and the results were very promising. I think it's revolutionary and that it's so different from the usual complex time management concepts popular these days.

Credit: https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique

It's time-proven reputation along with its positive reviews made me realize that if it works for me and others, maybe it'll work for you as well, my dear reader. If you struggle with procrastination, or simply want quality results without feeling guilty of not having the work-life balance you ought to have, then maybe this is the answer you've been looking for.

Credit: https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique

Seriously, on a very personal note, this has tremendously helped me concentrate better, I also didn't feel tired at the end of each day (which is very good), and most importantly, I don't procrastinate now and I really get things done ahead of time.

Let me know if you tried it too and tell me what you think! :)

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