It's Not For You? Think Again. Here's Why You Probably Need A Blog


Shortly after I graduated from College in 2009, I stumbled upon an article on how to create a personal blog. Curios as I am, and since I’m very much into journaling, I decided to try it for fun. I remember my very first blog was about how addicting online games were and why it’s taking a toll on my personal goals. Only a few people, especially in the Philippines, were blogging back then, so it was very easy for me to apply and be approved in Google Adsense to monetize my blog. My very first post has gained a little bit of popularity and my readers were mostly living in parts of the America, Japan, Australia and of course, the Philippines. It generated me a couple of dollars in Adsense; it was easy-peasy. And the rest as they say, was history.

Well, not really.

If there’s one thing I regret about blogging, it’s stopping very prematurely. As soon as I started working in the corporate world, I decided to quit blogging and proceeded in deleting my blog. Yes, I DELETED it! And obviously that was a very bad decision as I’ve already established a first-page search engine ranking and my site’s authority was pretty good.

Nowadays, the story is very different. Yes, you can still create a blog for free, but monetizing it seems like you are passing through the eye of a needle. When I decided to become a full-time freelancer in 2012, I also concluded to create a new blog. I was only able to be approved back again in AdSense in the half of 2013, and started earning through affiliate marketing on the later months of that same year. In short, my comeback was almost without any form of compensation for the first year.

Having the same dilemma, a lot of aspiring bloggers who also wanted to earn a living from writing felt frustrate. Most of them not only feels like they’re wasting time, but they are actually losing a huge amount of money because they’re doing it full-time while paying website hosting fees, and et al. No wonder many of them bid farewell to the blogging world.

Fortunately for me, aside from the fact that I’m working as a digital marketer and providing administrative support on the side, it didn’t drain me to starve. I also hold on to the idea of why I started blogging in the first place, and it’s because writing is an innate passion. Writing in my blog also helped me hone my writing skills, allow me to learn more online skills, and it served as an avenue to practice some marketing techniques.

Thus, even if you don’t intend to earn in blogging, there are several reasons why this content writing is essential for you as a professional or as an entrepreneur. Let me cite the reasons why:

If you really take the time to observe and investigate, a huge number of professionals and businesses have a blog! One of the reason why is that it is a free content advertisement. You don’t need to spend so much in advertising your content in the pages of magazines, newspapers and other circulars, having a blog will let you do that and for a maximum reach of audience too!

A stand-alone blog is a great tool to tell people what you do, the products you sell, the services you provide. It allows you to take your readers and potential clients to dig deep into your profile. For professionals, imagine having curriculum vitae, a cover letter, in the most creative way as possible, publishing it under your own space on the web!

Personally, blogging has landed me several clients who needs my expertise in managing their business. Some of them would email me or contact me through my social media network and would tell me they have read some of my post and they would like to know if I’m open to explore a possible work or partnership. My blog has also helped me connect with relevant people in my industry, collaborate and had some referrals too. All of these leads to the next reason why you should have one.

In this world where people’s faces are glued on their smartphones and other gadgets, online presence is a must for businesses and professionals! Search engines, apps and online directories makes it so easy for customers to find businesses online. Just think about how much you will lose with the competition if you’re not online.

For professionals, whether you’re a medical doctor or an online illustrator, whatever your profession is, blogging helps people decide better whether they should get your services or not. Having a blog helps you sell yourself, tell people why and how you can help, or you can just plainly publish your portfolio and let them get a feel of your work.

Hench, if you wish to advance your competitiveness and make sure you’re on people’s mind when it comes to a particular service or product they need, consider having a blog. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an A+ writer or study web designing, all you need is your determination to learn and get results. There’s a vast amount of resources to help you create and maintain a blog, and in case you want to take it to a higher level, but don’t have the time, there are many experts out there who are willing to do the job for you for the right price.

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