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A Pleasant Escape in Aninuan Beach

In May 2012, I was at the point of chaotic confusion. After transitioning to a new position the first month of the year, I was at war with myself about keeping the job that I love (as well as the people I have accustomed myself into seeing every day) and in pursuing a more balance life. I was seeking another escape, similar to my first solo travel before I quit my first corporate job. Personally, it's definite to go visit some beach because it's something innate in me whenever I'm up to decide on very important matters.

Originally, the plan was to explore Verde Island, a few kilometers from the main shoreline of Batangas. It was suggested by a colleague, so I did a little research about the place. However, after much deliberation, I concluded that it wasn't the most suitable place for me to backpack solo.

Inspecting Google Earth has led me to notice a bigger land mass famously known as a part of the MIMAROPA region. Several articles have convinced me enough that the ro…