Reminiscing White Beach, Puerto Galera

Here's a post from my old WordPress blog which I wrote four years ago. The rates may no longer be applicable, I haven't check, but will update this post once I have the numbers. :) 

There's a lot of reason why Puerto Galera is one of the top tourist destination here in the Philippines. Situated in Oriental Mindoro, the 7th largest island in the country; Galera offers the beach lovers, diving enthusiasts and even the curios travelers a treat of adventure, relaxation and discoveries.

It's uncomplicated to go to Puerto Galera even when you go there by commute, it's just three hours away from Manila! Cubao and Pasay-Buendia terminals have buses that leave every hour to Batangas Port. I recommend riding either JAM transit or BLTB for travel convenience. It would be a two hours bus ride to Batangas Port, bus fare is P150 for ordinary buses and P180 for aircon buses.

Once in Batangas Port, you have to ride a RORO (boat) to go to White beach that costs P250 and P50 Environmental Fee. The boat ride takes only an hour, but to set your expectations, if you're not used to traveling by sea, the tides can be quite rough.

White Beach is famous as a stretch of fine white sands, it's ideal for families and travelers who just want to enjoy swimming, strolling and relaxing in the beach. Mountaineering and trekking adventures tours to Mt. Halcon are being offered here. The beach is much commercialized (which may be a good or bad thing); there are plenty of bars and restaurants, Inns and other business stores in the area. Tattooing, hair braiding, spa and massage services are widely offered as well.

Water-fun Activities:
  • Kayak/Canao -     1 hour costs P200 but you can also rent it for half-day (P300) and whole day (P500)
  • Windsurfing -         2 hours costs P500
  • Banana Boat Ride - 20 minutes costs P200 (per head)
  • Island Hopping -    2 hours costs P1000 (good for 6 persons)
  • Snorkeling -          2 hours costs P2000 (good for 6 persons)
  • Jet Ski -               1 hour costs P2000 (depends on the model, it can costs up to P3500)

Additional Info:
Minolo Shipping Lines- boat transfers (RO-RO) from 12nn-5pm and 5am-11pm during peak season.

Office Tel. No.: (043) 287-3614
Mobile Nos.: 0916-2074747 / 0915-4945323

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