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Haiku for Nisah Joy

Haiku for Nisah Joy

An excerpt from the book "Reflections to Existence"
by Remedios R. Villapando

a lovely gift to
treasure a joy to behold
a beautiful dream 

goading me to carry 
on and live my life with all
the wonders I 

could fill my soul you
colour my world but I could
only share my dreams.

This piece was posted with the knowledge and direct permission from the book's author. If interested in citing this, please contact the author directly at this link.

The 7 Deadly Sins and Myths of Branding

In my pursuit to keep honing my skills, I recently stumbled upon this marketing and branding solutions book by Matt Haig. I realized this is something worth sharing here because it may prove helpful to anyone who wants to strengthen their skills or career in marketing and advertising.

I must say this is a refreshing book to read, never dull and full of practical insights. Also, what I like most about this book was the scrutiny of the failures (of others) in order to succeed, thus making it more viable to heed.

There's just so many key points from this book that I'd like to highlight, but I feel that I'd be robbing you the thrill of indulging this insightful book once you decided to read it. I'd like to present the gist of the book instead. 

Let me start with the seven deadly sins of branding listed by the author.

1) Brand amnesia.
Matt Haig said that when a brand forgets what it is supposed to stand for, it runs into trouble. I think it's essential to differentiate your…

Want to Succeed? Here's A Very Straightforward Advice

It seems like the secret to success isn't a secret at all.

It's simple: Decide. Commit. Succeed.

You just have to decide. To make up your mind that this I will do. To make a decision that you are going to be successful no matter what. To have one thing in mind, which is to succeed.

And then once you made the decision, you commit to it. Committing to the decision that no matter how hard it gets, how painful, mundane, boring, or taxing it is, you will do it.

That's it. Very simple.

Imagine what you will achieve once you decide to become successful at something, and really commit to it no matter what. Whether you fail or feel discourage at times, imagine if you stick to it. Then, you'd become so persistent that it becomes impossible not to succeed.

Imagine that.

Like really, if you just decide and commit to it with all of you, there's just really nothing you cannot do.

So decide. Now.

And commit to it.

Success is on the way!

Pomodoro: An Easy Yet Very Effective Technique to Stop Procrastinating

Do you have the tendency to procrastinate? I do. Sometimes more than what I think is normal. Although to begin with, is it even normal?

As a self-employed, ideally, inefficiency should be strictly discouraged. Though, I admit it's hard to resist being idle for some time especially if I really worked hard the previous days or if I simply feel that a rest is needed to avoid burning out. Since any signs of burning out should be prevented before it's too late. And it's simply because when you work for yourself, it is not an option.

For the record, personally, I tried numerous time management systems and really did my best to stick with it as much as possible. Despite my effort, I customarily drift off and find myself searching for another way.

I have also adopted some productivity tips to manage distractions and to keep my focus, yet it still wasn't enough. The first four months of this year for instance, I used two online timers each with its own purpose, and another thr…

It's Not For You? Think Again. Here's Why You Probably Need A Blog

Shortly after I graduated from College in 2009, I stumbled upon an article on how to create a personal blog. Curios as I am, and since I’m very much into journaling, I decided to try it for fun. I remember my very first blog was about how addicting online games were and why it’s taking a toll on my personal goals. Only a few people, especially in the Philippines, were blogging back then, so it was very easy for me to apply and be approved in Google Adsense to monetize my blog. My very first post has gained a little bit of popularity and my readers were mostly living in parts of the America, Japan, Australia and of course, the Philippines. It generated me a couple of dollars in Adsense; it was easy-peasy. And the rest as they say, was history.

Well, not really.
If there’s one thing I regret about blogging, it’s stopping very prematurely. As soon as I started working in the corporate world, I decided to quit blogging and proceeded in deleting my blog. Yes, I DELETED it! And obviously tha…

A Pleasant Escape in Aninuan Beach

In May 2012, I was at the point of chaotic confusion. After transitioning to a new position the first month of the year, I was at war with myself about keeping the job that I love (as well as the people I have accustomed myself into seeing every day) and in pursuing a more balance life. I was seeking another escape, similar to my first solo travel before I quit my first corporate job. Personally, it's definite to go visit some beach because it's something innate in me whenever I'm up to decide on very important matters.

Originally, the plan was to explore Verde Island, a few kilometers from the main shoreline of Batangas. It was suggested by a colleague, so I did a little research about the place. However, after much deliberation, I concluded that it wasn't the most suitable place for me to backpack solo.

Inspecting Google Earth has led me to notice a bigger land mass famously known as a part of the MIMAROPA region. Several articles have convinced me enough that the ro…

Reminiscing White Beach, Puerto Galera

Here's a post from my old WordPress blog which I wrote four years ago. The rates may no longer be applicable, I haven't check, but will update this post once I have the numbers. :)  =================================================

There's a lot of reason why Puerto Galera is one of the top tourist destination here in the Philippines. Situated in Oriental Mindoro, the 7th largest island in the country; Galera offers the beach lovers, diving enthusiasts and even the curios travelers a treat of adventure, relaxation and discoveries.
It's uncomplicated to go to Puerto Galera even when you go there by commute, it's just three hours away from Manila! Cubao and Pasay-Buendia terminals have buses that leave every hour to Batangas Port. I recommend riding either JAM transit or BLTB for travel convenience. It would be a two hours bus ride to Batangas Port, bus fare is P150 for ordinary buses and P180 for aircon buses.

Once in Batangas Port, you have to ride a RORO (boat) to go …

Jim Cymbala on Why Sometimes a Blessing Becomes a Curse, and How to Have a Heart that God Cannot Resist

"The problem was, God was speaking but nobody was listening,"the Brooklyn Tabernacle Pastor Jim Cymbala wrote in the first chapter of his fourth book The Life that God Blesses pertaining to a popular televangelist's downfall. He titled the chapter "The Man Who Wouldn't Listen" and talked about why not listening to God's voice of correction and direction, can turn things out of control. "Things went from bad to worse, which is what usually happens when people turn their backs on God,"he continued on the next pages.

Pastor Cymbala believed that in order to live a life that is pleasing to God, one must get in tune with what pleases Him. He detailed that there's a certain kind of heart that God seeks and that He long to bless. One of the traits the Lord delights in, is a listening heart, a heart that wants to hear what the Alpha and Omega is saying, and a heart that not only listen but most importantly, obey.

"The truth is, no matter how d…