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Date A Guy Who Buys You Ice Cream

I know, I know... The 'Date' or 'Don't Date A Guy Who' blog title is such a cliché. However, I haven't had my version, so let me be. Note that I wrote 'buys you ice cream' and not 'likes ice cream' because almost everyone likes to have some serving.

Me and my amazing beau are celebrating another milestone in our relationship and just like a much anticipated movie, this one's worth the wait. Anniversaries are always a good time to honor one's beloved - so here's some excerpt of love.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream. They're the one who knows how to cherish every flavor of life and appreciate each and every moment. They are always up for the surprise. They don't worry whether the new flavor is good or if it's worth the buck, all they wanted was to savor the experience. They buy you ice cream so you too can do the same.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream when your day didn't went as planned, and you get frustrated or u…

How to Smoothly Transition From Your Corporate Job to Full-time Freelancing

It isn't just a trend, it's actually here to stay. As technology keeps on progressing, business processes becomes sophisticated, and work advances in a more efficient manner. The idea more or less started with the SME community and start-ups looking for a way to lessen costs without sacrificing productivity and quality. Presently, a multitude of big corporations have outsourced jobs to remote freelancers and there has been an incremental increase in numbers.

Business analysts and respectable magazines and blogs like TIME, Forbes, and Huffington Post published a number of articles about the rise of the freelancing industry and why it's predicted to replace the traditional employment setup. Countries around the globe, including the Philippines, have a pool of a thousand-plus registered online freelancers. The Philippines is also rising as a top provider of independent contractors next to India. The prevalence in the U.S. alone, as they house a million-plus successful freela…