Dear Twenty-Something Self: Where You End Up Isn't Where You're Meant to Stay

Life changed after College. It's busier, but less crazy; less because you're more tamed than before. And it's not like you're missing it or that you prefer crazy over busy. Sometimes it's because busy can sometimes mean monotonous, never-ending work. You would rather pick those crazy days because it feels warmer and you feel happier than earning your cold hard cash.

Nevertheless, maybe it wasn't life that changed, maybe it's you. Maybe it's how you look at yourself now and how you see the world. You weren't sure if you're missing out on something or that you were not doing what others were doing at your age, but heck, what matters most to you now's to live in the moment.

Dear twenty-something self, your days now routinely consist of workloads, drama, and paying the bills. You see new strangers each day, but less face-to-face time with friends, and it's also when catching up with your siblings and planning a get-together almost always a pain. These were days when you're constantly bombarded with notifications of new jobs and promotions, engagements and weddings ... And never tiring what ifs and should haves.

It's like seating in front of life, and it's showing a presentation, slowly and intricately explaining why and how things have turned to this and that, yet never fully comprehending or be on the same page. You rack your brain and still couldn't understand why days pass us by so fast. Time flies and you're still on the ground - digging, even clinging to something old and comfortable. Too late to realize that sometimes, you're already being left behind, and that everything's up and you must keep moving forward, if not, upwards.

You were confronted with ironies and illusions and you have to take action because where you end up isn't where you're meant to stay. 

You were not meant to stay in a job that doesn't satisfy you in a sense that it wasn't your calling because you know your meant to do great work on something you love. It's lazy and unacceptable to continue letting yourself become a victim of what society thinks you should do.

What I say you do is to value your worth by following your passion. Work hard, it may tarry, but persevere and take heart. Slowly, but surely you will arrive in the destination you want, but only if you commit yourself to do so. You cannot just dream, and you must not let your dream remain a dream, it's a treason to yourself. You have to be proactive in accomplishing your life goals. Satisfying you dissatisfaction may mean never settling down and bargaining with mediocrity.

You were not meant to stay with friends whose only goal was to serve themselves. Just because you've known each other for years doesn't mean you have to keep them. Yes, you're on your twenties and soon to be on your thirties and it won't stop there... Will you stick with people who not only doesn't add value to your life, but drags you down and suck the life out of you? These were the years to cultivate healthy relationships with real friends, and these were the best time to drop toxic people in your life. Just take the good, learn from the bad, stop wasting your time with the wrong people and don't give your power away.

You were not meant to stay on what feels safe. You've been trying to be safe since you were a baby! You got to know that the best things in life, they're free indeed, but only when you take the risk! Break up with boring because it's your last chance before you make some babies and send kids to College or take care of your aging self and spouse. The best time is now my dear twenty-something self!

This is the best time to make lots of mistakes, take detours and really learn from it. Leave your pretentious ways and make wise investments. Pursue your passion and make a way to earn from it. Take some vacations and get some new friends. Make the most of it because there's still so much to do but so little time. Do not stay for so long in a familiar ground, do everything you can to keep moving. Don't settle for good, aim for the best.

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