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Dear Twenty-Something Self: Where You End Up Isn't Where You're Meant to Stay

Life changed after College. It's busier, but less crazy; less because you're more tamed than before. And it's not like you're missing it or that you prefer crazy over busy. Sometimes it's because busy can sometimes mean monotonous, never-ending work. You would rather pick those crazy days because it feels warmer and you feel happier than earning your cold hard cash.

Nevertheless, maybe it wasn't life that changed, maybe it's you. Maybe it's how you look at yourself now and how you see the world. You weren't sure if you're missing out on something or that you were not doing what others were doing at your age, but heck, what matters most to you now's to live in the moment.

Dear twenty-something self, your days now routinely consist of workloads, drama, and paying the bills. You see new strangers each day, but less face-to-face time with friends, and it's also when catching up with your siblings and planning a get-together almost always a pai…