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It's Not Just About the Grassy Hillocks: What Else Bohol?

The mystifying beauty of the Province of Bohol and the benevolence of its people were the reasons why it's one of my favorites in the South. It boasts of a thousand plus cone-shaped, chocolate colored hills; home to the smallest primates, and of course, the stretch of undeniably pristine beaches. The bounty of nature wonders here makes it so irresistible!

Today I'm wrapping up my Bohol travel series by featuring the famous Loboc river, the historical Blood Compact site, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines - Baclayon, the man-made forest, and the postcard-worthy chocolate hills!

If you haven't read my previous posts about Bohol, start by reading 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Panglao (HINT: Wild Dolphins and More) Plus Bohol Travel Tips, next - Balicasag Island: I Promise I'll Be Back, and lastly - Here's Why You Should Put Virgin Island's One Hectare Sand Bar On Your Travel Bucket List!
Whether you've book your flight directly or will be coming …

The Purpose Driven Life: A Test and A Trust and Our Five Deepest Needs

Over the years, I have deliberately made it a habit to re-read books that were not only well-written but also tremendously helped me to stay motivated and inspired.

One of these book is the "Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren. The first time I read it, in its original cover, was in high school when a stranger gave this book as a gift to my sister during one of her commute to the office.The second was in College, and re-read it after graduating but this time with the new cover and foreword because I bought my personal copy. I did read it last year too and then re-visited this year on mid-June finishing it last July.

Being that it's a bestseller with over 30 million copies sold, I won't be surprised if you have heard about it, saw it featured in a book store, or have read it personally. I'd like to make myself clear, however, that this post is not intended to be a review rather it's about ideas and biblical truths which impacted me on a level so deep it …

How To Tell If Freelancing Is Right For You?

For the past four years of my freelancing career I've received more than a handful of questions about it from several professionals. Questions about how to do it, what things to consider, and if it's actually worth the risk.

Currently, I can say that it turned out just what I wanted it to be. It's awesome to be your own boss, choose how much time and when you want to work, and of course being able to work in bed, in the beach, or just anywhere as long as there's an internet connection. I have maintained good-paying loyal clients, I've been consistently recognized as top-rated, I'm able to pay my bills, worked on flexible schedules, etcetera. I have no regrets taking the leap from the corporate world to being a nomadic freelancer. 

But where I am now, as a freelancer, is the result of the prices I've paid. Because honestly, freelancing is not all about backpacking and chasing sunsets. Every (successful) freelancer has a story to tell about handwork, perseveran…