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Balicasag Island: I Promise I'll Be Back

Wow, I'm so slow writing this post. It's been a while since I went to the Province of Bohol and I 'm afraid this post won't be as useful as the first part of the series - 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Panglao (HINT: Wild Dolphins and More) Plus Bohol Travel Tips

Of course, the awesome memories and the impressions will last. I'm afraid however, I couldn't recall other minor details like the travel expenses and the rest. What I can remember was that it was the same boat we rented when we went Dolphin watching in Panglao. Forgive me as it's vague how much we spent for the environmental fees (DENR), or the price for those who wants to rent a snorkeling/diving equipment or life vests, or the price range of the food. 

They have the "dampa style" or "paluto" in there, your pick of fresh sea foods and they'll cook it for you. The food was average compare to the other seafood haven in this Province, nevertheless, eating there was quaint wit…

Just So Stories: A Classic Work of English Literature Aimed for Children But Not for Children?

Another low-cost edition book from my sister who bought it in Doha. It's a Wordsworth classic written by Rudyard Kipling published in 1902. A children's fiction, a folklore, and was really meant to be for kids. However, in my opinion, just like Catherine Called 'Birdy' it has contents that doesn't seem fit to be read aloud to children less than 10 years old.

I think it's best not to let them 'lone with it. I may consider reading it to them with adequate explanation about it, or allow them to touch it when they already have enough sense of what fiction really is.

I enjoyed reading it as an adult though. It was entertaining, lyrical, and imaginative. Some words are made-up and showy, so I'm a little concerned kids might think it's correct and adapt to it.

I feel that children will appreciate it more when they already have a firm foundation of the English language and literature. There are also issues presented in the book that I don't personally agre…