Struggled to Juggle Freelancing, Blogging and Being an Entrepreneur

It seems like a transition when it's supposed to be complimentary.

I have dabbled instead of juggled. 
I have lag in diligence.

And as a perfectionist, it was painful seeing one or two neglected and suffered because of focusing too much on the other. Like, putting all my eggs in one basket.

Freelancing is the work I do to keep myself mobilized and also make sure my (working) skills are continuously harnessed. I know I have to keep it and not totally fall hard into the idealism of doing something just because I love it, not because it generates money. The reality is that we all need cold hard cash

Don't get me wrong, I like what I do, marketing, writing and giving administrative support is something I'm comfortable with. However there is something, I think innate in me that wants to do more other than what I'm currently doing. 

That's why I do blogging whenever my time permits. Writing is like a therapy, it helps me reflect, helps me to just express my thoughts, and also share my experiences to the world in hope that others will be inspired or relate to me. Though here comes another but, it goes back to the first line of this paragraph, the phrase - whenever my time permits.

Recently, I entered a business partnership too. One which I have constantly obsessed myself in having - a custom apparel and printing business. Excited wasn't even the right word to described how I felt when we officially launched it. And so I focused all my energy in it. But a setback came, a very premature one as I reflect on it. It was heart-wrenching. Well as of this writing, I'm grateful it happened.

I learned a lot. Though there is still more to come, I know.

Two significant lessons I've learned so far when trying to juggle things that were equally important.

1) Monitor if your perfectionism is healthy or switching to a neurotic one

My keen attention to detail has always been my proven strength, but its also my Achilles heel. I have been working on balancing it, yet still struggling to really reach the point where I can say it's healthy.

I keep on tweaking details, even minor ones that doesn't make a big return of my time and effort. Yet, it was like a magnetic force that wants me to stay attached. I'm obsessed in making constant revisions that it was painful to let go.

Most of the time it pays to be detail-oriented, but to be "very" detailed seems to be counter-productive. It takes so much of my time and energy, and there were times that I'm not satisfied with the results. The cycle seems unending. And I just have to stop. 

I hate making mistakes, I hate failing. That's why it almost always takes a lot of time for me to be able to bounce back. But I know it is essential, beneficial, even crucial to make mistakes. I have to re-read my post The Obvious Reasons Why Pain Really Changes People all over again to remind myself.

So if you're like me, a perfectionist, maybe sometimes we're being too hard on ourselves that we don't have the wisdom to show restraint anymore. Let's do the best we can without being overly critical with ourselves.

2) Realize and never forget that procrastination is deadly

You know, when I'm in the state of neurotic perfectionism, I become a master procrastinator too. Because I hate failing, I hate making mistakes, I hate not being able to meet the high standards I have set to myself, and it leads me to waste time waiting for the right moment. The moment when everything seems to be right, everything falls into place. I was waiting for some magical moment when I would feel the universe conspires to help me accomplish my tasks and make sure there will be no room for mistakes.

So I keep waiting for that perfect state...

And it never seem to come. It was a drought. 

Time comes and the work needs to be done. RIGHT AWAY. Panic sets in. I've set myself again for another doom trying to beat the clock. 

So I tell myself now, when you want to go a little further step closer to your goals... sometimes you don't need to wait for some manna from heaven. 

Just do it. NOW.

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