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Struggled to Juggle Freelancing, Blogging and Being an Entrepreneur

It seems like a transition when it's supposed to be complimentary.
I have dabbled instead of juggled.  I have lag in diligence.
And as a perfectionist, it was painful seeing one or two neglected and suffered because of focusing too much on the other. Like, putting all my eggs in one basket.
Freelancing is the work I do to keep myself mobilized and also make sure my (working) skills are continuously harnessed. I know I have to keep it and not totally fall hard into the idealism of doing something just because I love it, not because it generates money. The reality is that we all need cold hard cash
Don't get me wrong, I like what I do, marketing, writing and giving administrative support is something I'm comfortable with. However there is something, I think innate in me that wants to do more other than what I'm currently doing. 
That's why I do blogging whenever my time permits. Writing is like a therapy, it helps me reflect, helps me to just express my thoughts, and als…