Rain, Finally.

Yesterday was a long day. Did errands and work that needs to be completed within the day, have to meet someone for business, rushed my way to the bank to beat the clock and make sure the deal was closed for next month's events. It was a long, exhausting day.

But I guessed what really made it tiring (even worst) was the heat that seems to soak into my entire being, like I was boiling inside and everything was withered and all I see too was heat wave.

The traffic too was terrible going home, though I guess it's a daily struggle to commuters here in the Metro. But for a homebody, freelancer like myself, it was agonizing. It just reminded me about one of the reasons why I quit the corporate world 3 years ago. I decided to get off the bus and just walk my way to reach the next terminal. Anyway, I know I walk fast and I can't stand being stuck and idle for hours.

It was past 5 p.m. and dang it was still hot that I don't even have the strength to be mad or annoyed about it. Also, a bottle of water and Gatorade didn't work magic to soothe my thirst. And there I was walking a kilometer, feeling my skin burning, my sweat evaporating, my eyes drying, my soul crying.

'God, please send some rain', 'Lord please, just send some rain'. It wasn't planned, it wasn't even something that I realized I was thinking. But then the voice inside me, desperately asked for some rain. Like it knows there's no other hope but ask help from the Sovereign One.

Well, a few minutes later while I was still walking, something dropped from above and hit my arm. And then come another drop and more. It did rain.

Today, it rained too - for about an hour.

You know, not that I wanted to boast about having an answered prayer. But I was compelled to write about it because there's something else that I wanted to talk about. Like it was manna from above, purely heaven sent.

Last month, my partner and I started an online shop, a custom apparel and printing services. It officially commenced on the 1st of March. And we have been so busy (and haggard) since then.

There has been some victories and glitches at the same time, which we accepted as part of establishing a business. There are people who greeted it enthusiastically, tried our products and services, and there were those who doubted. The same response from us is to accept it as part of the process.

In our first month, we were at the state of euphoria. Everything was green. Then, here comes the stage when we struggle with time, even our energy. Of course, we are grateful and that things are going right - the business way. But then, we're in the stage that we are doing a lot of things so much that for several days we haven't had a complete sleep.

And then it rained. Finally.

Rain has such a way of slowing me down, taking me unintentionally to reflect. Now, I'm reminded about Proverbs 23:4 - "Do not wear yourself out to get rich, have the wisdom to show restraint". 

Not that it's so bad or anything, but I guess it's just right to walk slow and smell the roses sometimes. And yes, I guess God was telling me - here I'm sending some rain just to make sure you're not over heated and will not burn-out the soonest.

And so, today even though I still have a lot of things to do, I decided to rest and do also the things I enjoyed doing (especially when it's raining). I did some serious reading, and right now - writing in this blog too! :)

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