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1-2-3! Easy Tips to Stop Your Cravings Before It Goes Out of Control!

Don't you hate those days when you suddenly smell something, see something or hear the words of "magic" foods and your mouth instantly produce excessive saliva which in a more acceptable term called 'salivating'. You monkey around, finding ways to just have it, to touch it, to smell it, to taste it! And then you imagine your tongue swirling, and your mind floating in cloud nine.

But you have a dilemma, you're at work or school. You need to buy it, you need to eat it oh for goodness sake! And then your co-worker or best friend will burst your bubble and say darn things like, 'it's so fattening', or 'eww that's so unhealthy'. 

Okay, so let's check. What are those that we constantly crave? I mean honestly? Glazed doughnuts? Big Mac? Junk foods maybe? Or that delightful sundae and glorious brownies?

Truth is, so often we craved for unhealthy foods. I mean, let's cut the crap and be honest with ourselves. It's not a reward you …