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A Simple Illustration About What Makes Us Poor, Middle-Class, or Rich

For a couple of years now, I've been drooling over books about financial management and wealth maximization, been attending seminars, watching and getting all the feed from successful businessmen, financial experts and investors. I guess I've arrived to a realization that I don't want to strain myself so much working for other people's dream just so I can somehow reach mine. Being a freelancer also had me thinking of ways to really make sure I spent my money wisely. I have also been leisurely dreaming about early retirement, and just travel the world, live a kick-ass life, write some more blog posts or book, and also be a rock-star mom and wife.

I guess, for people who weren't born with the luxury of having it all, like those inherently rich even when they're still in their mother's placenta; it seems inevitable that we come to a point when we just had enough of crazy days or weeks pleasing our bosses or clients. And in some case (which is mostly true in my…