The Curios Travelers in Calayo Bay

Far from being commercialized, the unexpected scenery and innocence of this fishermen's village will captivate the curios traveler.

A haven located in Nasugbu Batangas, it takes about 2-3 hours drive from Manila to Calayo. From what I remember, there's no direct public transport going to Calayo, so it'll require a private vehicle to go there. The road also was undeveloped and a bit confusing, a detailed map or asking a locale will really help to get you there.


There were no resorts, restaurants and lodging in Calayo, it's a very quiet community and most houses were traditionally built in wood and Nipa. The residents does not do the usual "beach business" here, no one was offering souvenir items, tours, etc. You can really tell that the residents strive to keep the tranquility of the place. Calayo is reserved for travelers who will respect the ingenious way of living.


For overnight stay, setting up a tent is recommended as there were no Inns. If you'll noticed in our photos, we went to some resort-type place with a helipad - it's actually a rest house of one of our former Senator. The other secluded island was owned also buy another Senator. It seems that they're into this place, huh?


The beach shore that's in front of the village (facing west) have fine golden-brown sands. The surrounding and extended beach shores of Calayo Bay has white sands mixed with bleached-corals. The majority of dead corals found in Batangas shore were due to the extensive coral bleaching that happened in 1998.


Walking south, an estuary can be found. Going South-West, there is a secluded beach shore that has white sands, but to get there, you have to pass a rocky terrain. And it's crucial to observe caution as the rocks were slippery and one has to watch out for the coming waves especially during high-tide. There's a part of the trek where you have to go down and dip in the usual above the waist cool water to cross to the other side; here you'll find a small cave. Be careful not to go down during high-tide as the waves current in this part were very strong and you might get smashed to the rocks (I bet that's the last thing you'd like to happen). During low tides, you'll see a lot of mollusks specifically Chitons attached in the rocks.


You can take a boat-ride to see the other secluded areas of Calayo in the north-west side. You'll also see a big sculpture of an angel beside a private rest house. Some parts of Calayo’s Bay have crystal clear water, especially those with white sands and healthy reefs. 


I wouldn't recommend swimming in the very remote area of Calayo Bay as these were jellyfish infested. I kid you not, we experienced it first hand! And yes, our curiosity literally got us stung. You'll find a lot of sea urchins here; white sharks and dolphins are also spotted in these areas. The bay opens to South China Sea and Verde Island Passage so if you're an open-water diver it's a pretty spot to be.

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