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The Curios Travelers in Calayo Bay

Far from being commercialized, the unexpected scenery and innocence of this fishermen's village will captivate the curios traveler.
A haven located in Nasugbu Batangas, it takes about 2-3 hours drive from Manila to Calayo. From what I remember, there's no direct public transport going to Calayo, so it'll require a private vehicle to go there. The road also was undeveloped and a bit confusing, a detailed map or asking a locale will really help to get you there.

There were no resorts, restaurants and lodging in Calayo, it's a very quiet community and most houses were traditionally built in wood and Nipa. The residents does not do the usual "beach business" here, no one was offering souvenir items, tours, etc. You can really tell that the residents strive to keep the tranquility of the place. Calayo is reserved for travelers who will respect the ingenious way of living.

For overnight stay, setting up a tent is recommended as there were no Inns. If you'll notice…