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Date A Guy Who Buys You Ice Cream

I know, I know... The 'Date' or 'Don't Date A Guy Who' blog title is such a cliché. However, I haven't had my version, so let me be. Note that I wrote 'buys you ice cream' and not 'likes ice cream' because almost everyone likes to have some serving.

Me and my amazing beau are celebrating another milestone in our relationship and just like a much anticipated movie, this one's worth the wait. Anniversaries are always a good time to honor one's beloved - so here's some excerpt of love.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream. They're the one who knows how to cherish every flavor of life and appreciate each and every moment. They are always up for the surprise. They don't worry whether the new flavor is good or if it's worth the buck, all they wanted was to savor the experience. They buy you ice cream so you too can do the same.

Date a guy who buys you ice cream when your day didn't went as planned, and you get frustrated or u…

How to Smoothly Transition From Your Corporate Job to Full-time Freelancing

It isn't just a trend, it's actually here to stay. As technology keeps on progressing, business processes becomes sophisticated, and work advances in a more efficient manner. The idea more or less started with the SME community and start-ups looking for a way to lessen costs without sacrificing productivity and quality. Presently, a multitude of big corporations have outsourced jobs to remote freelancers and there has been an incremental increase in numbers.

Business analysts and respectable magazines and blogs like TIME, Forbes, and Huffington Post published a number of articles about the rise of the freelancing industry and why it's predicted to replace the traditional employment setup. Countries around the globe, including the Philippines, have a pool of a thousand-plus registered online freelancers. The Philippines is also rising as a top provider of independent contractors next to India. The prevalence in the U.S. alone, as they house a million-plus successful freela…

Dear Twenty-Something Self: Where You End Up Isn't Where You're Meant to Stay

Life changed after College. It's busier, but less crazy; less because you're more tamed than before. And it's not like you're missing it or that you prefer crazy over busy. Sometimes it's because busy can sometimes mean monotonous, never-ending work. You would rather pick those crazy days because it feels warmer and you feel happier than earning your cold hard cash.

Nevertheless, maybe it wasn't life that changed, maybe it's you. Maybe it's how you look at yourself now and how you see the world. You weren't sure if you're missing out on something or that you were not doing what others were doing at your age, but heck, what matters most to you now's to live in the moment.

Dear twenty-something self, your days now routinely consist of workloads, drama, and paying the bills. You see new strangers each day, but less face-to-face time with friends, and it's also when catching up with your siblings and planning a get-together almost always a pai…

It's Not Just About the Grassy Hillocks: What Else Bohol?

The mystifying beauty of the Province of Bohol and the benevolence of its people were the reasons why it's one of my favorites in the South. It boasts of a thousand plus cone-shaped, chocolate colored hills; home to the smallest primates, and of course, the stretch of undeniably pristine beaches. The bounty of nature wonders here makes it so irresistible!

Today I'm wrapping up my Bohol travel series by featuring the famous Loboc river, the historical Blood Compact site, the second oldest stone church in the Philippines - Baclayon, the man-made forest, and the postcard-worthy chocolate hills!

If you haven't read my previous posts about Bohol, start by reading 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Panglao (HINT: Wild Dolphins and More) Plus Bohol Travel Tips, next - Balicasag Island: I Promise I'll Be Back, and lastly - Here's Why You Should Put Virgin Island's One Hectare Sand Bar On Your Travel Bucket List!
Whether you've book your flight directly or will be coming …

The Purpose Driven Life: A Test and A Trust and Our Five Deepest Needs

Over the years, I have deliberately made it a habit to re-read books that were not only well-written but also tremendously helped me to stay motivated and inspired.

One of these book is the "Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren. The first time I read it, in its original cover, was in high school when a stranger gave this book as a gift to my sister during one of her commute to the office.The second was in College, and re-read it after graduating but this time with the new cover and foreword because I bought my personal copy. I did read it last year too and then re-visited this year on mid-June finishing it last July.

Being that it's a bestseller with over 30 million copies sold, I won't be surprised if you have heard about it, saw it featured in a book store, or have read it personally. I'd like to make myself clear, however, that this post is not intended to be a review rather it's about ideas and biblical truths which impacted me on a level so deep it …

How To Tell If Freelancing Is Right For You?

For the past four years of my freelancing career I've received more than a handful of questions about it from several professionals. Questions about how to do it, what things to consider, and if it's actually worth the risk.

Currently, I can say that it turned out just what I wanted it to be. It's awesome to be your own boss, choose how much time and when you want to work, and of course being able to work in bed, in the beach, or just anywhere as long as there's an internet connection. I have maintained good-paying loyal clients, I've been consistently recognized as top-rated, I'm able to pay my bills, worked on flexible schedules, etcetera. I have no regrets taking the leap from the corporate world to being a nomadic freelancer. 

But where I am now, as a freelancer, is the result of the prices I've paid. Because honestly, freelancing is not all about backpacking and chasing sunsets. Every (successful) freelancer has a story to tell about handwork, perseveran…

Here's Why You Should Put Virgin Island's One Hectare Sand Bar On Your Travel Bucket List!

Do you love the idea of burrowing your feet in the sand or held it loosely with an open hand? How about walking barefoot in a long stretch of fine white powdery sands? Or are you like most Westerners who considers an island with palm trees a beach paradise? Maybe your just some ol' soul bitten by a travel bug, if not, you're simply a beach bum who desperately need some vitamin sea.

Well, hello! I'd like to suggest an idea for your next much awaited communion with nature. Why not visit Bohol's Virgin Island!

You know, when I saw the island several kilometers away from the shore, my jaw dropped. Sand bar! White beach! Palm trees! Oh-my-goodness!!! 

Aside from the fact that it's impossible not to notice the long stretch of white sands; the rich flora, fauna, and crystal clear water were all a show-stealer. The Island’s sand bar spans around 1 hectare during low tide and on a high tide only the palm trees in the middle of the island were visible.

About 5 kilometers away fr…

Balicasag Island: I Promise I'll Be Back

Wow, I'm so slow writing this post. It's been a while since I went to the Province of Bohol and I 'm afraid this post won't be as useful as the first part of the series - 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Panglao (HINT: Wild Dolphins and More) Plus Bohol Travel Tips

Of course, the awesome memories and the impressions will last. I'm afraid however, I couldn't recall other minor details like the travel expenses and the rest. What I can remember was that it was the same boat we rented when we went Dolphin watching in Panglao. Forgive me as it's vague how much we spent for the environmental fees (DENR), or the price for those who wants to rent a snorkeling/diving equipment or life vests, or the price range of the food. 

They have the "dampa style" or "paluto" in there, your pick of fresh sea foods and they'll cook it for you. The food was average compare to the other seafood haven in this Province, nevertheless, eating there was quaint wit…

Just So Stories: A Classic Work of English Literature Aimed for Children But Not for Children?

Another low-cost edition book from my sister who bought it in Doha. It's a Wordsworth classic written by Rudyard Kipling published in 1902. A children's fiction, a folklore, and was really meant to be for kids. However, in my opinion, just like Catherine Called 'Birdy' it has contents that doesn't seem fit to be read aloud to children less than 10 years old.

I think it's best not to let them 'lone with it. I may consider reading it to them with adequate explanation about it, or allow them to touch it when they already have enough sense of what fiction really is.

I enjoyed reading it as an adult though. It was entertaining, lyrical, and imaginative. Some words are made-up and showy, so I'm a little concerned kids might think it's correct and adapt to it.

I feel that children will appreciate it more when they already have a firm foundation of the English language and literature. There are also issues presented in the book that I don't personally agre…

Struggled to Juggle Freelancing, Blogging and Being an Entrepreneur

It seems like a transition when it's supposed to be complimentary.
I have dabbled instead of juggled.  I have lag in diligence.
And as a perfectionist, it was painful seeing one or two neglected and suffered because of focusing too much on the other. Like, putting all my eggs in one basket.
Freelancing is the work I do to keep myself mobilized and also make sure my (working) skills are continuously harnessed. I know I have to keep it and not totally fall hard into the idealism of doing something just because I love it, not because it generates money. The reality is that we all need cold hard cash
Don't get me wrong, I like what I do, marketing, writing and giving administrative support is something I'm comfortable with. However there is something, I think innate in me that wants to do more other than what I'm currently doing. 
That's why I do blogging whenever my time permits. Writing is like a therapy, it helps me reflect, helps me to just express my thoughts, and als…