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Some People Will Never Understand Why Mountaineers Always End Up Going Home

During my first "official" climb; honestly I underestimated the mountain, I thought it was easy as 1-2-3. But I was wrong. I packed my bag as many stuff until it almost burst. I didn't even make preparations before the climb, I didn't jog or did some stretching at least. Admittedly, I can say I was overconfident. 

During the first hour of the climb, I was asking myself reasons of why did I even join and what could I get from this activity. The next few hours I was swearing to myself I will never climb a mountain again.

Then, when we're at a higher elevation I was astonished by what I'm seeing. And upon reaching the summit I've experience the peace and gladness never have I experienced before. I was completely mesmerized. 

The next day, when we were descending from that mountain, I've began to appreciate more the beauty around me; the floras and faunas which mostly are unfamiliar to me. I enjoyed my companions more, the experience of trekking and the tran…