Hey You, Stubborn, Heart-Stealer, This One's For You!

Yes, you read it right. You stubborn one! You stole my heart and have no intention of giving it back. 

Because you, my stubborn one, you are a rare breed. Millennials call you the old-school-lover; romantics see you as the modern prince. I think of you as my knight in today’s world of moderation and mediocrity.

Heart-stealer, you chased the one who keeps you guessing. Pursued the one who makes your heart ache with too much happiness, but sometimes with longing, even pain. 

Unlike most things, you are not scared of the work. You aren’t scared that someone will make you feel deeper than you’re ready to feel. Not fearing the woman who might push you to your limit or make you see things you’re not ready to see. Most importantly, you’re not afraid to let her love you and then forget what it’s like to live without that love.

You never love with empty words because you are a doer. Because, yes, what are I-Love-You’s without making the other feel that love is a verb.

You’re the one who knows how to wait, who knows how to take it one step at a time. You are a very responsible man who considers every single area of your life and the people around him. 

You know how to care, show it, and follow-through. And, you’re definitely not a naysayer. You are the most sensible, prudent man I’ve ever met in my twenty-something years of existence. 

You’re the one who try his hardest to keep a promise. You’re the gentlemen who makes his word his bond. And, that’s one quality that is hard to find in this ever-confusing world.

You’re a busy man, working hard to reach your lifelong dreams. Your time is precious. But you know very well that time is essential in building healthy relationships. You are there, you are always there. No matter how busy your day can get, you always make sure to give your precious, sacred, time. 

You have so much to boast about, I mean besides the obvious fact that you’re a good-looking, six-foot-two, athletic guy. There’s just so many praiseworthy traits that your bragging-rights items would reach to a thousand, if only you take the time to write them. Nevertheless you are not the attention seeker type of guy, you are humble. If only people really take the time to contemplate about what real humility is in this frenzied social-media posting generation. 

You know I’m really not into writing cheesy-romantic-love musings, but over the years as I come to know you in a level, I believe, so deep, I can’t resist. I will post about you, talk about you, even boast about you because I’m so proud of you. And there's no need for pretense, or white lies, or exaggeration to this online letter.

We met in the mountains, ran in the sidewalks, roamed around the city, marveled at each newly found town, swim-raced in the beach, and rode on ocean waves. We literally traveled by air, land, and sea.

We like to discuss everything and anything under the sun. We personally love learning new things, followed new ideas and we always got each other's back. We help sharpen each other's mind just like iron sharpens iron. We can be sweeter and cheesier than any couples we could think of. But best of all, I love how we've become the best of friends.

You stole my heart, and I’m so glad you did because you took care of it better than I could. You are a stubborn one, my love, thank you for not letting it get away.

Happy anniversary my busy-bee, happy birthday too! You know I’d wish and pray for a lot of good things for you, but I really hope you’d grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it.

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