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Hey You, Stubborn, Heart-Stealer, This One's For You!

Yes, you read it right. You stubborn one! You stole my heart and have no intention of giving it back. 

Because you, my stubborn one, you are a rare breed. Millennials call you the old-school-lover; romantics see you as the modern prince. I think of you as my knight in today’s world of moderation and mediocrity.

Heart-stealer, you chased the one who keeps you guessing. Pursued the one who makes your heart ache with too much happiness, but sometimes with longing, even pain. 

Unlike most things, you are not scared of the work. You aren’t scared that someone will make you feel deeper than you’re ready to feel. Not fearing the woman who might push you to your limit or make you see things you’re not ready to see. Most importantly, you’re not afraid to let her love you and then forget what it’s like to live without that love.

You never love with empty words because you are a doer. Because, yes, what are I-Love-You’s without making the other feel that love is a verb.

You’re the one who knows how t…