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3 Promises You Should Tell Yourself Now So You Can Start Moving Forward

Moving forward is easier said than done when you face the daily agony living in, sometimes harsh, reality called life.

When we’re confronted to meet the expectations of the people around us, the constant pressure at work, and the nagging demands of our partner, family, friends and the society, it’s hard to keep the balance, to say the least. When we’re regularly bombarded with crisis, it’s a challenge to keep ourselves sane, moreover, to have the time to evaluate the path we’re taking.

If we keep accepting the same situations, succumbing to the old challenges, we are not growing as an individual. And, not growing is not moving forward in life.

We don’t need to feel victimized by our present reality. We need to acknowledge the fact that we are able, responsible individuals who exercises control in what we take in our life.
We don’t need to make drastic changes in moving forward. The key is to intentionally want to move forward. To actually want it, desire it. To transcend our present lives…

Why Leisurely Taking Your Breaks Will Benefit Your Health, Productivity and Success

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, an employee, a freelancer or business owner; you should... actually need, to take a break.

Stop working on lunch breaks; stop thinking, discussing about work during these times. Abandon the need to constantly check your emails. Just take your time, with pleasure, having your break.

When you keep working during your break time you’re candidly exercising the liberty to clutter your mind. You may think you’re being productive; sorry to burst your bubble, but the opposite is true.

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that taking a break from work not only helps you to be more productive, but also allows room for creativity resulting in better performance? Not only that, it’s also good for your health (or at least prevent you from worsening your conditions).

Dear readers, science has announced that the mind can only function, concentrate, and even absorb new information for only a few straight hours. Specifically, results of researches made by…