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8 Essential Tips for New Mountaineers

You must have noticed a growing interest in mountaineering these days. From time to time you stumble upon a post from your Facebook friends posing on top of the mountains. I'm pretty sure you've heard about famous personalities climbing mountains, or news about this society. You may have watch a 3-minute scoop of clubs organizing outreach programs, or alarming news of missing mountaineers.You also must have seen in almost every shopping center you visit a couple of outdoor stores selling a variety of gears to help equip mountaineers. 

Regardless of where you've gotten the feed for this rather challenging interest I bet you'd like to take part of this commotion; and just for the heck of it you've now decided to try mountaineering... Well, good for you! 

There's a lot to learn about mountains and the art of hiking. Take heart, every mountaineer learns more through experience so if you're feeling nervous or clueless, I'm tellin' ya, you're doin' …