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What Makes Our Thoughts Powerful and Sometimes Dangerous?

On in September 2012, I decided to leave the corporate world to rest from the daily routine of 8 hours work for at least a year and hope to travel once a month. The truth was, it's just a thought that constantly visit me when I'm idle and daydreaming a bit; but I'm really not sure how it'll be possible. A few months after my resignation, I worked as a freelancer which allowed me to manage my time and decided to work on days I find suitable. Without really intending to, I was actually making my then wishes come true.

On January 2013, my mountaineering group decided to do an anniversary climb which is the Mt. Malipunyo Traverse (day-hike). A month after, my siblings and I received an invitation to visit Bataan and meet our long lost cousins. Up to the end of the year, I kept on travelling every month going to places I've never been; mountains, beaches, waterfalls, city attractions, historical sites, etcetera.

Before New Year's Eve, a couple of hours to welcome 20…