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A Closer Look: Mabinay's Crystal Cave

Before I start detailing our caving experience in Crystal cave, I'd like to encourage you to read my previous post Mabinay’s Pandalihan and Panligawan Caves. If you haven’t read it yet, this previous post will tell you why I happened to visit the town of Mabinay, a brief history of its caverns, and other facts about Pandalihan and Panligawan Caves. I also mentioned that I wanted to write a separate post dedicated only to Crystal cave. The reason was that even though we did the tour on the same day, this cave was so different from the first duo we visited.

Unlike Pandalihan and Panligawan caves, Crystal cave has a very narrow opening fit to allow only one person at a time. The tourism office put up a viewing deck inside which serves both for the protection of the cave and its visitors. Our guide said that crystal cave once have immaculate stalactites and stalagmites, however when people frequented the place they can’t keep their hands from touching it thus it discolored and turned i…

Mabinay's Pandalihan and Panligawan Caves

Back in 2011, to be frank, I hardly knew anything about the province of Negros Oriental except that it’s in Visayas – a very limited information I’ve retained from my Philippine Geography class. When my sister flew back from Doha she told me that we’ll be going for a short vacation in Dumaguete. And yes, I knew not a thing about that city too; nevertheless I was still so excited to finally have real depiction of that province and not stay behind the image of its name and map.

Now, I find it amusing that there were so many awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, undoubtedly beautiful places to visit in Negros, yet it doesn’t seem to bang in the must-see lists of Filipinos. I’m pretty much convinced that foreign travelers know more about the jewels of this province than the locals. I saw a lot of foreigners roaming around the city of Dumaguete and in almost every town in Negros Oriental.

The more I visit this province the more it magnifies my desire to explore further. It not only homes a variety…