The Forest Camp: Just Chill


Shortly after our adrenaline-induced ride in Tierra Alta, our hosts decided to take our lunch in another famed place in Valencia – the Forest Camp. It’s a family owned mountain resort that’s somewhat the same with Bataan’s Sibul Spring resort with natural pools. However, in my opinion, the Forest Camp would win the competition to clock in its own special kind of happy at any given day.


This 2.3 hectare property is perfectly situated in the cool and lush area of Valencia, Negros Oriental. I would say it’s a refreshing rest from Dumaguete’s busy streets, and probably has the breeziest atmosphere compare to its neighboring towns. 


Even before we arrived at the resort’s entrance, we were entertained by an astounding display of greenery. I must say that the family who owns this place must love to hang out with nature. 


Despite the fact that the Forest Camp may be Oriental’s favorite family getaway on weekends, they have ample of parking space. I also adore their idea of putting a fave travel quotation in front of the resort to welcome visitors. 


I’m no botanist so forgive me for not knowing what to call the huge mystical tree that comfortably stand at the center where vehicles constantly circle to find a spot to park outside the resort. I think it’s clever that they decided to keep it there because it arouses the curiosity of visitors.


As we started to walk and relish the work of art of Mother Nature and humans, I muse that the place is really beautiful with no poverty of thoughts. 


The owners of this resort decided to put up cottages for visitors who wish to spend the night, as well as small huts and a function hall to accommodate visitors who can only spend a few hours to relax.


My sister and I will be flying back to Manila early morning the next day so we opted to just check it out, eat and leave. There’s nothing fancy about this place really, just chill. I’d say if one wants to enjoy a good siesta, this place will stand on its own grandeur.


We walked leisurely, passed by a variety of flora and masterfully landscaped gardens, a hanging bridge, and a rustic wishing well worthy of a Kodak moment (but unfortunately it turns out we crowded in front of it and thus obstructing the view). A random breeze from streams made our tour enjoyable too. These natural streams also feed the pools of the resort making it refreshing to those who dip and swim. 


Forest Camp also offers camping, horseback riding, adventure treks to Casaroro Falls and Mount Talinis. It was impossible for us to see all the gems of this mountain resort since we’re time restricted so we decided to settle down in a small hut, sat and enjoy the soft breeze for a few possible minutes. 


The Forest Camp was the last attraction we visited on my first trip to Negros Oriental, the experience was manic, albeit exhausting, but worth it. I guess every traveler who lives in the midst of a highly urbanized environment will take pleasure in the simplicity innate in the province.


The next day we’ll ride a plane that would take us back to the random busyness of life in the big city, so I sat in a carved, cold stone, took it all in, waited for the next possible moment before I had to up and go.


Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.
- Psalm 116:7



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