Balanan Lake, Siaton: Another Beautiful Creation of an Earthquake


This one’s not oft photographed scenery in Negros Oriental, I believed. Not just because it’s rarely promoted, but because it apparently competes with enormously, a lot of utterly beautiful attractions in this blessed province. 


Nevertheless if I were to give my opinion, this place was and is a big hit to me.

Truth be told, it’s one of those trips that I absolutely regretted not bringing along a superior camera to at least capture the true beauty of the place. My photos were just terrible; it didn't give justice to the place.


Anyway, sitting in front of the lake admiring its beauty and the landscape that surrounds it was an experience of mystic self-transcendence.  If only it’s near and I have all the money in the world, I’ll visit as often as possible.


We found out that this serene and spectacular lake was formed due to a tectonic earthquake on 1925; it caused a massive landslide that eventually damned the Balanan River forming a natural reservoir. I would say it’s another beautiful creation of an earthquake, crafted by the hand of Mother Nature, an act of God. 


We spent several hours exploring this place. We did hike, literally, a hundred steps to see the view from the top and descended (with much difficulty) because we weren't wearing the right footwear for its unfriendly trail. But it was all worth it! We were then ushered to a floating, uhm, I’m not sure if I should call it a hut or a cottage but it sure looks either of the two. 


What made it on top of my list was because everything about this place was awe-inspiring and definitely enchanting. Words fail me in describing it precisely. It was to me a place of tranquility, numinous, and astounding.


The Lake is located in the southern portion of Negros Oriental’s forested mountain ranges. Balanan has a shape resembling a figure eight and is fed by three streams; the Lambao creek, Balanan creek, and Nasig-id creek.


It took around one hour drive from Dumaguete to Sandulot, Siaton via the National Road. We did a few stop over when were on a higher elevation to get a glimpse of the view.


We passed by Zamboanguita and the little island you see in my photo below is the Apo island. It’s renowned for its marine biodiversity, pristine and crystal clear waters. Divers from all over the world usually visit Negros Oriental to dive in this stunning island.


I’m not sure if nowadays the road in Siaton going to Balanan Lake was fully developed. When we went there, a lot of unfinished road work made our trip a little bit uncomfortable. But it was soothed by the sight of the surrounding daintiness of the floras.


Near the lake, we were greeted with a captivating display of blossoming trees and small waterfalls. It was an invigorating sight indeed, at the same time it’s like you've been taken to a magical world. I hope that the locales will never stop taking good care of the place. 


I found out also that Lake Balanan is community managed and is a protected resource. A resort was also constructed to provide tourists with accommodations and recreational facilities. We also went to one of their function halls filled with unique antique collections.


I’ll be going back to Negros soon, and we have a new itinerary because there were still a lot to discover and visit but if time permits; I will go back and visit this place again.


He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; the earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work.
- Psalm 104:13








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