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The Forest Camp: Just Chill

Shortly after our adrenaline-induced ride in Tierra Alta, our hosts decided to take our lunch in another famed place in Valencia – the Forest Camp. It’s a family owned mountain resort that’s somewhat the same with Bataan’s Sibul Spring resort with natural pools. However, in my opinion, the Forest Camp would win the competition to clock in its own special kind of happy at any given day.

This 2.3 hectare property is perfectly situated in the cool and lush area of Valencia, Negros Oriental. I would say it’s a refreshing rest from Dumaguete’s busy streets, and probably has the breeziest atmosphere compare to its neighboring towns. 

Even before we arrived at the resort’s entrance, we were entertained by an astounding display of greenery. I must say that the family who owns this place must love to hang out with nature. 

Despite the fact that the Forest Camp may be Oriental’s favorite family getaway on weekends, they have ample of parking space. I also adore their idea of putting a fave travel …

Balanan Lake, Siaton: Another Beautiful Creation of an Earthquake

This one’s not oft photographed scenery in Negros Oriental, I believed. Not just because it’s rarely promoted, but because it apparently competes with enormously, a lot of utterly beautiful attractions in this blessed province. 

Nevertheless if I were to give my opinion, this place was and is a big hit to me.

Truth be told, it’s one of those trips that I absolutely regretted not bringing along a superior camera to at least capture the true beauty of the place. My photos were just terrible; it didn't give justice to the place.

Anyway, sitting in front of the lake admiring its beauty and the landscape that surrounds it was an experience of mystic self-transcendence.  If only it’s near and I have all the money in the world, I’ll visit as often as possible.

We found out that this serene and spectacular lake was formed due to a tectonic earthquake on 1925; it caused a massive landslide that eventually damned the Balanan River forming a natural reservoir. I would say it’s another beaut…

The Obvious Reasons Why Pain Really Changes People

I've been meaning to write here in my blog for some days now, but unfortunately didn't have the time. I did resolve instead to make sure to do it before the Holy week ends. Today is Good Friday and I’d like to think I've thought about a subject that is timely.

This fateful day, I will not write how the Cross changed our hearts, our very souls, and our lives; rather I will fill this post with the breathings of my heart as William Wordsworth put it, about pain.

About the pain that disconcert our senses. It’s somehow close to the pain that broke our hearts seeing our King crucified. It’s almost the same pain that brought us to tears and realized how unworthy we are and how much we needed Grace. This kind of pain that I would like to confer, however, is what we experience over and over again because of other people, our own mistakes, shortcomings and failures.

Our life journey traverses peaks and valleys and moments in deep despair. O, how often do we wonder about why pain se…