Here Lies The Key To Saying NO For Your Own Good

"Don't let the good things in life rob you of the best things." -Buster Rothman

Have you often caught yourself in the dilemma of choosing between two or more good alternatives?

I certainly think everybody had those times. Others, though, have mastered the art of choosing what’s best.

But what is the best?

If it had been choosing between the good and the bad, obviously the answer is easy. But often, that is not the case. We are often confronted with either two or more alternatives that are not essentially bad, but it can hinder us from doing what we're supposed to be doing instead!

How are we to deal with choosing what’s best when everything seems to be a good choice? Or how are we to arrange when deadlock with our commitments to our family, friends and bosses?

We would then wish we had plenty of time, plenty of money and resources, and sanity to keep going and not jump to erroneous conclusion.

This usually caused us a lot of unnecessary stress. Even if we’re to make even the simplest tasks we’re still forced to make compromise in the hope that it’ll keep us sane.

Choices like whether or not to miss going to church to attend a birthday party, or to go to a retreat and miss an out-of town getaway with the family. To some, it's either choosing to work in the morning to live a normal day or to work at night and earn a lot. Imagine, even choosing a book to read can take us a lot of time to decide!

Hoping, others would ever be - to eliminate time wasters, to just say no and conserve our energy on things that’ll make us happy and will take us a step closer to our goals. To just say no to people who constantly drain us, or those who think that we’re superheroes to help them deal with all their problems. Or to giving so much assistance to other people that we have forgotten to work on our dreams.

As hard as it may seem, we must tell ourselves that such situations are inevitable and that each of us face these most of the time in our life. Don’t hit your head on the wall though - there is a solution to aid us in choosing which is better and benefit us in the long run. 

The answer is straightforward and simple really. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of courage, discipline and determination.

It is by having a firm grasp of our priorities.

What do we want to accomplish in life? We need to ask ourselves about what are the most important to us.  Do we value our relationship with God the most? Do our relationship with family matter to us? What are our goals?

It is important that we know clearly our priorities in life in order for us to make wiser choices. Below are steps and thoughts you may want to consider to help you do this.

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