A Pale Glimpse: Bonbonon Point And Lagoon


I walked away brokenhearted after I took a few photos. When I transferred the files to the computer, I had to delete some ‘cause most of it were a blur. 

After a few hours’ drive from Zamboanguita to visit the infamous Spaceship 2000 and The Lamplighter; our hosts decided to wrap up our day by taking a breather to smell the fresh salty air in the beach.

Well, to be precise it’s not the usual beach – one where you can take a swim and just hang around in your bikinis bathing in the warmth of the sun. 

We were led to see several motorboats, yachts –all kinds of it, leisurely parked in this side of the beach. In my own definition, not really a beach though. It’s a small gulf that serves as a haven for motorboats.

You'll regularly see some of these boats parked in Bonbonon Bay  Siaton, Negros Oriental which is just minutes drive away from Zambaonguita. 

I've learned that Tambobo beach is to be found in the opening of the bay. So that means if we have just walked for a couple of minutes more we’ll get a glimpse of the beautiful small, almost white sand stretch known in Siaton.

But we weren't able to. That’s why I was heart-broken. It was past five in the afternoon and we still have to drive back to Dumaguete, so a no-to-explore-for-now was a fair bid.

Before I fell in love with the mountains and everything in it, I’m a sure beach lover. So not being able to survey this body of water in a place far away from my home was such a wreck.

Glad we were able to take a swim for a couple of hours and have a lavish relaxation in the shade of those tall coconut trees the next day in Dumaguete.

The good food, great company, and charming waves took the ache in my heart that well up the other day.

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