How To Strike The Balance You Badly Need In Life Right Now

I used to think that once you graduated from College life will become easy as 1-2-3. You get a job, get paid, buy everything you want and be happy. Well, I pretty much consider the idea of not being able to land a job painless – I think we've all been warned about it in school. But my! No one told me that adulthood is complicated as the universe. 

Let me remind you why. 

First, your schedule is far more excruciating than your school days. If you’re employed, holidays are not a guarantee that you will stay at home. Sick days should be absolutely backed up by a medical certificate and chances are it’ll affect your productivity and performance metrics. Vacation means 14 paid days a year, and only a day or two rest days a week.

At work, you also must suit-up not just your clothing but your attitude as well. It’s not only your higher-ups that needed to be pleased but unfortunately you also have to act civilized, professional to your obnoxious, egotistical colleague.

As if that’s not enough, you usually get to miss birthdays and other celebrations. You hardly see your love ones on a regular basis. You can’t even practice your moves on your favorite sports or attend events. 

And it doesn't stop there.

Sure, adult life is difficult. Work life is difficult. There's a constant struggle to balance our boat between the pressing waves of our personal life and work life. 

We may feel on some occasions that we are on top of our game, but it didn't feel as good as we thought it would be. There’s always a part of you that’ll suffer. It may be your career, your relationships or personal ambition and dreams.  

So how do we draw the line? 

I came across a devotional book, Simple Living for Busy People with the title "More Than Enough"; an article full of insights about striking a balance in life. Here goes the realization…

Live one day at a time; one moment at a time.

Know your priorities.

Be easy on yourself.

Simplify your life. Simplicity is key.

So that's it! Keep it simple mah friends. :)

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