The Extreme Zipline Adventure in Tierra Alta, Valencia


Let me tell you a secret, hush, don’t get too excited yet! 

Okay, I’m quiet nervous about how you’ll react…

Here it is: I've been to amusement & leisure parks for several occasions already, but, I've never been able to ride in a roller coaster. In fact, the only ride I remember doing was that in a merry-go-round (back when I was an adorable girl), and that-oh-so common bump cars.

Wait, stop laughing and giving me those funny faces. I’m writing with utmost honesty, darn you!

By all means I’m not afraid of heights but I do have that moody motion sickness. I just can’t ditch the thought of vomiting and passing out while being in one of those gravity defying rides. It’s just pure awkwardness if it happens. I would have wish then the earth would shallow me than see the looks of those kids who just don’t seem to be bothered about that heart-wrecking ride!

I always dreamed of skydiving, however. I don’t know why, I just do. I resolved to myself that when I finally jump and fall from the sky with just a parachute in my back (which I would solemnly pray it’ll work just fine); I won’t care about how I’d feel or if I happen to throw up while falling.

But the roller coaster, ugh, I’ll think about it gazillion times.


There’s this time though, when my sister and I went on a vacation in Dumaguete for a week and we happened to explore the other parts of Negros Oriental with the help of her now, in-laws.

The last attraction we visited was in Palinpinon, Valencia. Guess what’s in there?!

Well, of course, it’s a zip line – that’s what this post all about anyway!

The Rush Zipline at Tierra Alta is another must-see place in Valencia, they say. Here you can combine adventure with nature and extreme sports, which I think they really live up somehow, literally. The jump-off and drop-off point was from the highest points of that mountain-turned-residential resort. They boasted that it comes with a bonus scenic view of Negros Oriental rain-forest.

Our guides that day, unaware of my history, were confident into saying that we should really try it out. To make matters worse for me, two of my lady companions which were my juniors of probably 2 to 3 years, with bursting enthusiasm exclaimed their big YEEESSSS.


I didn't saw it coming though. Lo and behold, my first extreme ride (which when I think about it now – was peanuts).

I’m the guest, I’m the… you know, ‘the-girl-who-travels-a-lot’; I’m not going to ruin my reputation, I decided. They perceived me as the adventurous girl who will not slide back to challenges, and I thought the same.

I said my rather hesitant yes. And they signed me up. No, not me – them! They wrote my name on the list. After which, a staff handed over a paper for us to put our signatures on.

It was a waiver telling us that they are not liable to whatsoever in the good ol’ world will happen to us while doing that um, stunt? That’s what all extreme sports clubs / businesses do, because of course; it’s riskier than a bump car honey.


While doing my part reading the entire generic form, which gave me a few minutes to breathe and bid farewell to my undisclosed fear. I just thought the paper was telling me I’m under death penalty for pretending to be a brave babe and it’s an ultimatum to write my last will testament, if I’m to leave any valuable possession at that time.

After signing the waiver, I tried not to cause alarm by throwing major sobs hence I opted to pose in the camera in the hope that I'll look pretty before I die hard.

The gentlemen started putting our harnesses and helmets; probably to keep our bodies intact when we accidentally fall so they wouldn't be looking for missing heads and arms. Sorry that’s graphic and morbid, yeah that’s my unapologetic imagination do in times like these.

The Rush zipline staff told us that it’s 600 meters long and they offer four riding styles; superman, tandem, sitting, and inverted. Wait, what? Superman, inverted? I bid for tandem, no one bought my proposal. I decided to go for the sitting position instead. That’s reasonable – I’m a first timer! Yeah right, but so were the ladies with me.


After the fake smiles in front of the lens, we rode the cart that will take us to nirvana, I mean, the jump-off point. I was praying, PLEASE let someone stop us. It didn’t happen.

I was second to the line; the first one to jump did it suavely in a superman style. She was yelling ‘woohooo’; silently I was yelling ‘Lord, Lord.’

My turn, I’m not sure how many minutes it took before I jump. I was pretty sure the man pushed me, if my memory served me well.

Wow. I hated myself for being a slave to that fear. It wasn’t scary as I thought it’d be. T’was exhilarating, adrenaline ride I know I will absolutely say YES all the time, from that moment on. Try challenging me now to a roller coaster ride and I won't disappoint you.

There goes my first zipline, in a beautiful town called Valencia. Tierra Alta is just 15 minutes drive from Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental.


3 years after, I did one in Antipolo and I was supposed to do it also in Pagudpud. If only we had more time to line up, I was so disheartened not being able to do it there. Imagine doing it from the mountain and landing in the beautiful shore with fine white sands, plus the pristine beach of the Blue Lagoon was so dang stunning.

I will go back there; I must go back there. But for now, I’m relishing this life-changing ride I did in Tierra Alta.

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