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A Pale Glimpse: Bonbonon Point And Lagoon

I walked away brokenhearted after I took a few photos. When I transferred the files to the computer, I had to delete some ‘cause most of it were a blur. 

After a few hours’ drive from Zamboanguita to visit the infamous Spaceship 2000 and The Lamplighter; our hosts decided to wrap up our day by taking a breather to smell the fresh salty air in the beach.

Well, to be precise it’s not the usual beach – one where you can take a swim and just hang around in your bikinis bathing in the warmth of the sun. 

We were led to see several motorboats, yachts –all kinds of it, leisurely parked in this side of the beach. In my own definition, not really a beach though. It’s a small gulf that serves as a haven for motorboats.

You'll regularly see some of these boats parked in Bonbonon Bay  Siaton, Negros Oriental which is just minutes drive away from Zambaonguita. 

I've learned that Tambobo beach is to be found in the opening of the bay. So that means if we have just walked for a couple of minu…

The Extreme Zipline Adventure in Tierra Alta, Valencia

Let me tell you a secret, hush, don’t get too excited yet! 

Okay, I’m quiet nervous about how you’ll react…

Here it is: I've been to amusement & leisure parks for several occasions already, but, I've never been able to ride in a roller coaster. In fact, the only ride I remember doing was that in a merry-go-round (back when I was an adorable girl), and that-oh-so common bump cars.

Wait, stop laughing and giving me those funny faces. I’m writing with utmost honesty, darn you!

By all means I’m not afraid of heights but I do have that moody motion sickness. I just can’t ditch the thought of vomiting and passing out while being in one of those gravity defying rides. It’s just pure awkwardness if it happens. I would have wish then the earth would shallow me than see the looks of those kids who just don’t seem to be bothered about that heart-wrecking ride!

I always dreamed of skydiving, however. I don’t know why, I just do. I resolved to myself that when I finally jump and fall f…

Here Lies The Key To Saying NO For Your Own Good

"Don't let the good things in life rob you of the best things." -Buster Rothman

Have you often caught yourself in the dilemma of choosing between two or more good alternatives?

I certainly think everybody had those times. Others, though, have mastered the art of choosing what’s best.

But what is the best?

If it had been choosing between the good and the bad, obviously the answer is easy. But often, that is not the case. We are often confronted with either two or more alternatives that are not essentially bad, but it can hinder us from doing what we're supposed to be doing instead!

How are we to deal with choosing what’s best when everything seems to be a good choice? Or how are we to arrange when deadlock with our commitments to our family, friends and bosses?

We would then wish we had plenty of time, plenty of money and resources, and sanity to keep going and not jump to erroneous conclusion.

This usually caused us a lot of unnecessary stress. Even if we’re to make …

How To Strike The Balance You Badly Need In Life Right Now

I used to think that once you graduated from College life will become easy as 1-2-3. You get a job, get paid, buy everything you want and be happy. Well, I pretty much consider the idea of not being able to land a job painless – I think we've all been warned about it in school. But my! No one told me that adulthood is complicated as the universe. 

Let me remind you why. 

First, your schedule is far more excruciating than your school days. If you’re employed, holidays are not a guarantee that you will stay at home. Sick days should be absolutely backed up by a medical certificate and chances are it’ll affect your productivity and performance metrics. Vacation means 14 paid days a year, and only a day or two rest days a week.

At work, you also must suit-up not just your clothing but your attitude as well. It’s not only your higher-ups that needed to be pleased but unfortunately you also have to act civilized, professional to your obnoxious, egotistical colleague.

As if that’s not en…