7 Quick and Simple Strategies to Effectively Boost Your Energy


Don’t we all have those days when we’re feeling so sluggish and tired the moment we wake up? Bruno Mars is so popular that he even greets our heads with the Lazy song every morning. As soon as it starts to loudly play in our minds we really try to convince ourselves that today we don’t feel like doing anything. That we just wanna lay in our beds… that we’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin’ in our snuggie. 

Truth hurts my friend; unfortunately singing it from the heart won’t make it a magic spell to give us the license to be idle and hibernate. I know sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can be too much of a trouble, and there were times that we passed out at our desks in mid-afternoon. Doing simple but essential tasks can be so tiring. And yet we know that we should stay alert and focus and keep working our brains.

The fact is that, with so many things to do and accomplish every day, we usually get low on energy even at the start of the week. This is especially true to those who are working on a daily basis, or studying to pass a licensure or professional exam. 

During my first six months of being a freelancer and blogger, I struggled in this area. Sitting in front of the computer for several hours can be tiring, even if I'm working at home.

As hard as it is, I had to face the obvious - I don’t have the luxury to whine around and not do something about it. In my kind of work, being unproductive is absolutely a nonessential. So I have to fight my way out to get pass this challenge and not baby myself. 

Glad I've learned from Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling book The Happiness Project, that to feel happier quickly, it helps to remember that you have to 'burn energy to create energy'... by pushing yourself to burn a little energy by tackling a task, you'll give yourself a shot of energy and cheer. If you can't face a big task, just do something small. Even a little step in the right direction will give you a lift." 

Undeniably, it can be hard to muster up the physical and mental energy needed to do the things that will make us happy if we are feeling blue. Gretchen also added that having low energy is one of the major factors of our unhappiness today. And even scientists have proven that energy is important to happiness.

There’s no need to despair though, if you really need to work on something and have limited time - there are simple ways to boost your energy in an instant. You don't necessary need to spend couple of hours resting, or buy energy drinks and snacks to get you moving. Here are simple strategies you can do to boost your energy. 


Brisk Walk for 10-15 minutes

Yup, simple as that. Remember the statement above? In order to create energy you need to burn energy! Several studies showed that 10-15 minutes' walk is enough to increase energy and release stress. So if you're feeling tired, frustrated or stressed - go for a brisk walk, it’ll boost your happiness too.

Music to the ears

Listening to my favorite upbeat song instantly boost my energy. I couldn't help but sing along and move my body. And science has confirmed it! Recent studies shows that hearing stimulating music gives an instant lift and is one of the quickest, most reliable ways to affect your mood and energy level. 

Finish a task or organize and clean your space

I really find this so effective. It helps to tackle an item on your to-do list because unfinished tasks weigh you down. Force yourself to tackle one thing that's nagging at you. It's tough, but you will feel a huge rush of energy when you cross it off your list. 

Tidying up also makes such a huge difference; it allows you to instantly perk up. The sense of accomplishing a task and organized space makes you feel productive thus it gives you an instant boost.

Talk to people who are energetic

If you're working at home you can talk to a family member, or phone a friend. Not only do you gain energy from interacting with other people, but you also - in what is called emotional contagion - "catch" their emotions. Instead of infecting others with your draggy mood, try to lift yourself by catching the energy of a boisterous friend.

Get a healthy dose of sunlight

Light deprivation is one reason that people feel tired. Research suggests that light stimulates brain chemicals that improve mood. For an extra boost, get your sunlight first thing in the morning by doing some light exercise, walking or simply go to the market.


Act energetic!

We think we act because of the way we feel, but often we feel because of the way we act. Trick yourself into feeling energetic by moving more quickly, pacing while you talk on the phone, and putting more energy into your voice. Fake it until you make it!

Munch some fruits

Sometimes you feel low in energy simply because you're hungry or your sugar levels are so low. Try munching some fruits, they're healthy and have natural sugar for instant boost!

So there you have it, you have the choice to stay happy and productive simply by following these strategies. Remember: if it's to be, it's up to you.

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