1-2-3! Easy Tips to Stop Your Cravings Before It Goes Out of Control!


Don't you hate those days when you suddenly smell something, see something or hear the words of "magic" foods and your mouth instantly produce excessive saliva which in a more acceptable term called 'salivating'. You monkey around, finding ways to just have it, to touch it, to smell it, to taste it! And then you imagine your tongue swirling, and your mind floating in cloud nine.

But you have a dilemma, you're at work or school. You need to buy it, you need to eat it oh for goodness sake! And then your co-worker or best friend will burst your bubble and say darn things like, 'it's so fattening', or 'eww that's so unhealthy'. 

Okay, so let's check. What are those that we constantly crave? I mean honestly? Glazed doughnuts? Big Mac? Junk foods maybe? Or that delightful sundae and glorious brownies?

Truth is, so often we craved for unhealthy foods. I mean, let's cut the crap and be honest with ourselves. It's not a reward you should be giving yourself when you did work hard today, or you manage to cross checked all your chores. See, would you really reward your beautiful self something that will make you ill? READ - blood sugar levels, cholesterol, heart disease. 

In my post Foods That Tricks Your Brain, I've mentioned that certain foods open the floodgates to unhealthy habits in the same way that some drugs pave the way for even harder ones, a weakness for certain foods can open the door to an avalanche of bad eating habits.


Stopping a craving is not easy to do, especially for ladies having their monthly periods which can be worsened by having their hormonal imbalance - it can mean torture. For men, fast foods can lessen the stress they've harbored throughout the day. 

I know how it feels being helpless - over powered by food cravings. I often had hormonal imbalance during my teenage years and there are two things I notice - severe food cravings and being too emotional.

This is also very true to many women having PMS, men would complain about us salivating over out-of-this-world foods. But its not just the "weird" foods that takes a toll on our weight, but at most, it's the easy to find foods sold at a 24-hour grocery or fast food stores. 

And sometimes, without the intervention of hormones - we still give in to our cravings. It's as if our taste buds have a mind of their own. What's worse is that our minds keep on popping the picture of the foods we crave. 

So the question now is, how are we to fight this battle? Good thing researchers found a way to help us, check their good points below.

Get your mind busy.

Researches found the best way to stop a craving is to get our minds active and engaged. Thinking about cravings can use up enough mental energy that makes you struggle to do anything else. But if your brain is busy, you'll have fewer cognitive resources available to conjure up mental images of the foods your craving. 


Plainly stop yourself biting more and switch to a healthier choice. 

Once your senses have been engaged, your body is going to demand more food, but you can still decide what to give it. So if you're munching a piece of doughnut continue eating by replacing it with fruits or other healthy substitute. Although, fruits is still the best food to kill your cravings.

Keep your eyes away from foods that's not good for you.

Proximity to food influences how much of it you eat. Keep healthy foods right where you can see them, and don't keep unhealthy foods near you.

I hear you brothers and sisters! It may sound really hard to do, but trust me, do the first one and it'll be easy-breezy to follow-through. Besides, aside from getting and maintaining the weight you've always wanted, it'll save you a lot of money as well! 


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