What Makes The City Of Pines So Alluring?


Back in the 90's, I bet every Juan dreams to go to the city of Pines. It's always the talk of the town whenever summer is approaching. Everyone who spent a couple of days in this city was feeling ecstatic. Baguio was the hottest destination back then, the white sand stretch of Boracay didn't even bother it to give up the number one spot.

Though, over the years as Tagaytay emerge, the little Baguio of the South;  and Palawan was getting so much attention and being tagged as the last paradise of the world, the city of pines humbly became less aggressive on its pursuit being on top. 


For more than 25 years of my existence, however, the city haven't totally lost its appeal. People just keeps coming, tourism is still a very attractive business here. Some friends still visit, and keeps coming back. 

Baguio indeed holds the reputation as the summer capital of the Philippines. Despite of its now heavy population and highly urbanized lifestyle, this city will always get you chilling even when the sun's high at noon. The low temperature of this place is probably what I'll always remember. Even when the AC of our hotel room was not on, still it's freezing cold specially at night. When I took a hot shower, I was miserable doing so - it was still freaking cold as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom.

What I like about Baguio is that there were just so many things you can do. For ladies it is a haven of good finds with the good price. And for the foodies, this city will not disappoint you. There are many attractions and popular tourists spots here, if you want to visit it all and really savor the experience -one day is not enough.


However, if your intention is to spend your time in solitude this famous destination may not be the best pick. The city, as I mentioned earlier is densely populated and pollution is now creeping here. There are areas that can even be classified as depressed too, which is not a surprise because this usually happens to highly commercialized cities in the Philippines. For some people, such places bring money to their pockets of course.


So, what makes the city of Pines so alluring? It's hard to tell, really. Maybe it's the weather, or the sights and attractions, the food or the warmth of the people. There's no accurate way to tell; you see, every place is unique and in some instances what one experiences always differ from the other. Some place just seem to find a special place in our hearts and that's what makes it alluring.


Location: Baguio City - Province of Benguet in Northern Luzon, PH

Getting There: By Air, a plane ride to Loakan Airport. Or on land (commute or private vehicle) via Kennon Road, Aspiras-Palispis Highway or Quirino Highway.

What to Expect: Highly urbanized city, subtropical highland climate (average temperature of 15 to 23 degrees celcius), high density of tourists, and whole lot of things to do and must go-to places

What to Do: Shopping (a lot of good finds at a good price, boating in Burnham Park, eat Taho strawberry flavored, take lots of pictures, food trip, Horseback riding, sight seeing of course ;)

Famous Attractions: Burnham Park, Wright Park (Horseback area), Igorot Garden, Session Road, Mines View Park, The Mansion, Bell Church, Strawberry Farm, Baguio Cathedral, Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay

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