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7 Quick and Simple Strategies to Effectively Boost Your Energy

Don’t we all have those days when we’re feeling so sluggish and tired the moment we wake up? Bruno Mars is so popular that he even greets our heads with the Lazy song every morning. As soon as it starts to loudly play in our minds we really try to convince ourselves that today we don’t feel like doing anything. That we just wanna lay in our beds… that we’ll be lounging on the couch just chillin’ in our snuggie. 

Truth hurts my friend; unfortunately singing it from the heart won’t make it a magic spell to give us the license to be idle and hibernate. I know sometimes getting out of bed in the morning can be too much of a trouble, and there were times that we passed out at our desks in mid-afternoon. Doing simple but essential tasks can be so tiring. And yet we know that we should stay alert and focus and keep working our brains.

The fact is that, with so many things to do and accomplish every day, we usually get low on energy even at the start of the week. This is especially true to t…

Why I'd Like to Think I Did Not Lose My Mom to Cancer

My Dad died when I was only five years old, so losing my Mom at the age of nine was quiet pathetic. Well, that’s how some people like to think of it.

I have seen them react in bewilderment as soon as they've heard my story. Then came pity; no, not empathy. But pity. I saw it in their eyes, in their face, and in the words they use.

It kinda makes me feel bad, and how I wish people don’t do that. Please don’t pity us especially if you haven’t saw us crumble, beg, or scavenge. Please don’t make us feel inferior, because by all means, we are not.

Thus, there goes my reason why I’m not enthusiastic particularly in telling people about what I've been through. Its one story I’m not comfortable writing.

But God is good, I truly do believe, He is so wise and has this thing about using people who had faced tremendous challenges in life. Indeed, He gives His biggest battles to His strongest soldiers. They say that everything happens for a reason, hence, I've always marveled about th…

What Makes The City Of Pines So Alluring?

Back in the 90's, I bet every Juan dreams to go to the city of Pines. It's always the talk of the town whenever summer is approaching. Everyone who spent a couple of days in this city was feeling ecstatic. Baguio was the hottest destination back then, the white sand stretch of Boracay didn't even bother it to give up the number one spot.

Though, over the years as Tagaytay emerge, the little Baguio of the South;  and Palawan was getting so much attention and being tagged as the last paradise of the world, the city of pines humbly became less aggressive on its pursuit being on top. 

For more than 25 years of my existence, however, the city haven't totally lost its appeal. People just keeps coming, tourism is still a very attractive business here. Some friends still visit, and keeps coming back. 

Baguio indeed holds the reputation as the summer capital of the Philippines. Despite of its now heavy population and highly urbanized lifestyle, this city will always get you …