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Some People Will Never Understand Why Mountaineers Always End Up Going Home

During my first "official" climb; honestly I underestimated the mountain, I thought it was easy as 1-2-3. But I was wrong. I packed my bag as many stuff until it almost burst. I didn't even make preparations before the climb, I didn't jog or did some stretching at least. Admittedly, I can say I was overconfident. 

During the first hour of the climb, I was asking myself reasons of why did I even join and what could I get from this activity. The next few hours I was swearing to myself I will never climb a mountain again.

Then, when we're at a higher elevation I was astonished by what I'm seeing. And upon reaching the summit I've experience the peace and gladness never have I experienced before. I was completely mesmerized. 

The next day, when we were descending from that mountain, I've began to appreciate more the beauty around me; the floras and faunas which mostly are unfamiliar to me. I enjoyed my companions more, the experience of trekking and the tran…

Hey You, Stubborn, Heart-Stealer, This One's For You!

Yes, you read it right. You stubborn one! You stole my heart and have no intention of giving it back. 

Because you, my stubborn one, you are a rare breed. Millennials call you the old-school-lover; romantics see you as the modern prince. I think of you as my knight in today’s world of moderation and mediocrity.

Heart-stealer, you chased the one who keeps you guessing. Pursued the one who makes your heart ache with too much happiness, but sometimes with longing, even pain. 

Unlike most things, you are not scared of the work. You aren’t scared that someone will make you feel deeper than you’re ready to feel. Not fearing the woman who might push you to your limit or make you see things you’re not ready to see. Most importantly, you’re not afraid to let her love you and then forget what it’s like to live without that love.

You never love with empty words because you are a doer. Because, yes, what are I-Love-You’s without making the other feel that love is a verb.

You’re the one who knows how t…

3 Promises You Should Tell Yourself Now So You Can Start Moving Forward

Moving forward is easier said than done when you face the daily agony living in, sometimes harsh, reality called life.

When we’re confronted to meet the expectations of the people around us, the constant pressure at work, and the nagging demands of our partner, family, friends and the society, it’s hard to keep the balance, to say the least. When we’re regularly bombarded with crisis, it’s a challenge to keep ourselves sane, moreover, to have the time to evaluate the path we’re taking.

If we keep accepting the same situations, succumbing to the old challenges, we are not growing as an individual. And, not growing is not moving forward in life.

We don’t need to feel victimized by our present reality. We need to acknowledge the fact that we are able, responsible individuals who exercises control in what we take in our life.
We don’t need to make drastic changes in moving forward. The key is to intentionally want to move forward. To actually want it, desire it. To transcend our present lives…

Why Leisurely Taking Your Breaks Will Benefit Your Health, Productivity and Success

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, an employee, a freelancer or business owner; you should... actually need, to take a break.

Stop working on lunch breaks; stop thinking, discussing about work during these times. Abandon the need to constantly check your emails. Just take your time, with pleasure, having your break.

When you keep working during your break time you’re candidly exercising the liberty to clutter your mind. You may think you’re being productive; sorry to burst your bubble, but the opposite is true.

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that taking a break from work not only helps you to be more productive, but also allows room for creativity resulting in better performance? Not only that, it’s also good for your health (or at least prevent you from worsening your conditions).

Dear readers, science has announced that the mind can only function, concentrate, and even absorb new information for only a few straight hours. Specifically, results of researches made by…

8 Essential Tips for New Mountaineers

You must have noticed a growing interest in mountaineering these days. From time to time you stumble upon a post from your Facebook friends posing on top of the mountains. I'm pretty sure you've heard about famous personalities climbing mountains, or news about this society. You may have watch a 3-minute scoop of clubs organizing outreach programs, or alarming news of missing mountaineers.You also must have seen in almost every shopping center you visit a couple of outdoor stores selling a variety of gears to help equip mountaineers. 

Regardless of where you've gotten the feed for this rather challenging interest I bet you'd like to take part of this commotion; and just for the heck of it you've now decided to try mountaineering... Well, good for you! 

There's a lot to learn about mountains and the art of hiking. Take heart, every mountaineer learns more through experience so if you're feeling nervous or clueless, I'm tellin' ya, you're doin' …

Astounding Life Lessons I've Learned From Catherine Called 'Birdy'

This was a borrowed book from my churchmate who owns a tutorial center. She posted this in Facebook and recommended as a good book to read, and I guess it was enough to make me curios. This wasn't a newly published book; in fact it was released way back in 1994. A historical fiction, this book contains information about the food, clothes, religious beliefs, manners, health, medical practices, and sanitary habits of the medieval people. 

Catherine (the main character), was compelled by his brother to write a diary because he believes that in the process it will make her more mature and less childish. Writing the routines of her young life, she relates many details and facts about her time period. She looks upon the world around her, write stories about the people she knew and of the daily events of their small manor house. Catherine was the daughter of a minor English nobleman, this makes her feel trapped learning how to be a lady and accepting an arranged wedding set by her fathe…

What Makes Our Thoughts Powerful and Sometimes Dangerous?

On in September 2012, I decided to leave the corporate world to rest from the daily routine of 8 hours work for at least a year and hope to travel once a month. The truth was, it's just a thought that constantly visit me when I'm idle and daydreaming a bit; but I'm really not sure how it'll be possible. A few months after my resignation, I worked as a freelancer which allowed me to manage my time and decided to work on days I find suitable. Without really intending to, I was actually making my then wishes come true.

On January 2013, my mountaineering group decided to do an anniversary climb which is the Mt. Malipunyo Traverse (day-hike). A month after, my siblings and I received an invitation to visit Bataan and meet our long lost cousins. Up to the end of the year, I kept on travelling every month going to places I've never been; mountains, beaches, waterfalls, city attractions, historical sites, etcetera.

Before New Year's Eve, a couple of hours to welcome 20…

Discovering Mt. Semilya

My journey as a mountaineer all began when I was invited by two of my colleagues to a charity climb. In my post "Chasing Passion", I wrote about how I trivialized mountaineering and never really thought it was something I'll be fond of. Back then, there were only two reasons why I decided to join the climb; first was to be part of a charity event so I can share my blessings; second and to be a bit more honest - I was bored and wanted to try something new. 
Looking back, I'm really thankful that I have accepted the invitation. My first climb was probably the most memorable; full of pleasant discoveries and memories, and it also added wonderful people in my life.

Mt. Semilya stands 785 meters above sea level, with a trail class of 1-3 and a difficulty of 6/9. The Dueg Resettlement is the usual jump-off point when climbing Mt. Semilya (check also my post "A Humbling Experience in Aeta Dueg Resettlement"). The first 20-minute of the trek was a rocky, steep trail…

A Closer Look: Mabinay's Crystal Cave

Before I start detailing our caving experience in Crystal cave, I'd like to encourage you to read my previous post Mabinay’s Pandalihan and Panligawan Caves. If you haven’t read it yet, this previous post will tell you why I happened to visit the town of Mabinay, a brief history of its caverns, and other facts about Pandalihan and Panligawan Caves. I also mentioned that I wanted to write a separate post dedicated only to Crystal cave. The reason was that even though we did the tour on the same day, this cave was so different from the first duo we visited.

Unlike Pandalihan and Panligawan caves, Crystal cave has a very narrow opening fit to allow only one person at a time. The tourism office put up a viewing deck inside which serves both for the protection of the cave and its visitors. Our guide said that crystal cave once have immaculate stalactites and stalagmites, however when people frequented the place they can’t keep their hands from touching it thus it discolored and turned i…