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It Can Elevate You To Success Or Draw You Deep To Failure!

Have you set great goals that you feel were well-organized, ideal and realistic; but you usually stagger to bring it to completion? And then you wonder what went wrong when you eagerly wrote your plans, was enthusiastic about it and really believed that you can achieve it. 

The sad part is, many of us comes short when achieving our goals, we start with so much fire only to end up feeling exhausted or frustrated within a couple of days, weeks or a few months. We've become easily distracted and change plans too quickly without really thinking. We lose focus. Then we ultimately give up and quit.

And so we ask ourselves, what happened? What seems to be the problem? Why do we give up and accept failure too soon?

Now, to help us know ourselves better there's three reasons we should try to consider: our perspective in life, our habits, and our priorities.

In this post I'll be focusing more about the first reason - our perspective in life. 

We need to know how we view the world; how …