Write Your Thoughts, Stay On Track and In-charge with Your Life


I've been writing in my journal since grade school and never stop doing so. If time permits, I would usually write long and detailed notes about my dreams and how I plan to achieve it. I'll jot down the things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, skills I wanted to master, and ways to be able to live a good life and legacy. I try to find the right ideas on being all that I can be and to live life as God designed it to be - to enjoy the life He gave me.

But I am not perfect, I tend to get stuck in the state of what they call "analysis - paralysis". Over-analyzing things can sometimes really slow me down on some days. And to some of you, I know you have fallen to this rut. We gravitate to making good plans but with minimal action or none at all. We're very good planners yet bad doers. Admit it or not, we do this in almost every area of our life. For example; we wanted to be an exceptional worker and we know how, but we don't do it. We try to make plans to build healthy relationships with our family and friends, but come the urgent and pressing matters, then lose our grip with our priorities. We wanted to explore and discover new places but we fall short simply because we can't resist the temptation of buying the latest gadget or can't help ourselves indulging that expensive dinner - too frequently.

But the good news about writing in your personal journal is that from time to time it'll remind you to align your actions with your values and the life you wanted to live. It will either compel you to do what you've written in the past or it will encourage you to re-focus your thinking and see things as they really are.

Guilty, I admit there were times that I've felt frustrated when it's nagging in front of me and convicting me of wasted time. But it's the good kind of frustration that eventually turned to healthy anticipation.

As we grow old and with the fast technology advances of today, I realized that life have become complex and we make it even worse by our daily choices. We worry so much of the bills to come which was the cause of our over spending as we try to live a lavish lifestyle out of our never ending envy.

People became stereotyped covetous netizens, desperately trying to be noticed by everyone. Most social media addicts become so obsessed of wanting to be perceived as someone who "have it all" and "do it all". We hang around our computers or smartphones as if its a basic necessity and synonymous to clothes or food. And frequently, instead of keeping our thoughts private we post it for all the world to see - and I'm referring about very personal stuffs. We're so engrossed with social media that it became our life, from the moment we wake up until we rest our heads in our pillows.

Quite frankly, we're busy bees but with no honey to give - our lives we're just bitter and blunt. We're trapped, zombie-like individuals, pitiful to see, wasting precious time when we were supposed to be enjoying the simple pleasures of life, instead we settled thinking about what if's and what could have.

To be completely honest, there was a time in my life that I caught myself living this cycle of dreadful existence. Life is boring, work is tiring, and everything seems like chasing in the wind. But by the grace of God, I'm grateful I woke up and fled from that vicious circle. That's why I'm boldly suggesting you to write the events of your life because it's beneficial for you - as I said earlier, it'll remind you of what matters most. One of my favorite English professor in high school used to say, "Write, keep on writing, because what you've written cannot be forgotten. So in times that you lose sight of your dreams, just refer back to your written thoughts."

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