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Write Your Thoughts, Stay On Track and In-charge with Your Life

I've been writing in my journal since grade school and never stop doing so. If time permits, I would usually write long and detailed notes about my dreams and how I plan to achieve it. I'll jot down the things I wanted to do, places I wanted to see, skills I wanted to master, and ways to be able to live a good life and legacy. I try to find the right ideas on being all that I can be and to live life as God designed it to be - to enjoy the life He gave me.

But I am not perfect, I tend to get stuck in the state of what they call "analysis - paralysis". Over-analyzing things can sometimes really slow me down on some days. And to some of you, I know you have fallen to this rut. We gravitate to making good plans but with minimal action or none at all. We're very good planners yet bad doers. Admit it or not, we do this in almost every area of our life. For example; we wanted to be an exceptional worker and we know how, but we don't do it. We try to make plans to bui…