Adults Who Have the Habit of Underestimating Kids Must Watch this Video!

Sometimes it's just cute to watch kids acting like adults. However, when it comes to the idea of being open-minded about what we can learn from them - it often hits the wall. I was blown-away by Adora Svitak's lecture not just because of the way she presented the matter; the way she seemed to look very intellectual (which in fact, she really is) and how she talked in a charismatic way; but it's more of the profound wisdom this girl has begotten. 

I am not suggesting per se and neither this video intends that everyone should raised or guide children in a specific, monotomous manner to create such behaved, focus, and intellectual kids like Adora. But rather suggests that we, adults, should act in a way that are not too restricting, but instead trusting and supporting the younger generation. 

It was entertaining and engaging to watch this video; perhaps it's even timely that this generation be reminded of this simple yet striking statements about how often adults become self-righteous and narrow minded. There's a lot of good points we can infer from this video, needless to say the practical lessons we may need to implement in our family life. I hope you share this truth to others, if not, I hope you learned something from this kid that's worth applying in your life. :)

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