Surprising Frontera Verde


When I started working in the corporate world after graduating from College, stress was my constant companion. Whenever I feel tired, frustrated or aggravated, I always daydream about going far and away from the city and just have a good vacation somewhere else. But unfortunately, that's a privilege I can't always afford. 

Tied up with the company's policies and a few vacation leaves, I have no option but to stay buckled in my chair and work desk. Thus, my alternative when I'm having a stressful day was to take at least 15 minutes' walk outside the office. Lucky me, my workplace then was located in somewhat be considered as one of the metro's kinda sophisticated spot - Frontera Verde.


Unlike other business districts in Metro Manila which were densely populated and located in very busy streets and avenues; Frontera Verde is a compound about more or less 20 hectares - not heavily polluted nor crowded. 

In this part of the metro, you can still breathe fresh air and see trees and beautiful gardens. You can even jog around without worrying if some obnoxious driver will hit you or without being seen by everyone stuck in traffic!


What I also like about this place is that you can shop for some exotic finds and native delicacies in Tiendisitas. If its food you want, clothes maybe, a classy wooden table or even finding a scuba gear to buying and grooming pets - name it, they have it! You can even experience the night-life here even on Mondays; and enjoy a variety of good food while listening to a music band. 


It's family-oriented too; a zoo and activity center is just a few minutes' walk away from Tiendisitas. A Christian church and training center is also located nearby (CCF). Plus, it's just a few minutes' drive away from Eastwood Libis.

If you're feeling a little romantic or enthusiastic about watching the sunrise; surprisingly this place will not disappoint you. You can wait for the sun to rise up in the horizon without the obstruction of high buildings. The city view and sunrise is refreshing to watch, I bet my feet.


Location: Frontera Verde, Pasig City, PH
Getting there: Click here on how to drive or commute from different locations in Metro Manila
What to Expect: An urbanized but clean compound around +/- 20hectares, a shopping and entertainment destination
What to Do: Shopping, food trip, party night out at Tiendisitas, arcade, visit the zoo, massage and spa
Famous Places/Attractions: CCF Training Center, Transcom, Tiendisitas, Silver City, SM Hypermart, McDonald's, Fun Ranch and Ark Avilon

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