Some People Will Never Understand Why Mountaineers Always End Up Going Home

During my first "official" climb; honestly I underestimated the mountain, I thought it was easy as 1-2-3. But I was wrong. I packed my bag as many stuff until it almost burst. I didn't even make preparations before the climb, I didn't jog or did some stretching at least. Admittedly, I can say I was overconfident. 

During the first hour of the climb, I was asking myself reasons of why did I even join and what could I get from this activity. The next few hours I was swearing to myself I will never climb a mountain again.

Then, when we're at a higher elevation I was astonished by what I'm seeing. And upon reaching the summit I've experience the peace and gladness never have I experienced before. I was completely mesmerized. 

The next day, when we were descending from that mountain, I've began to appreciate more the beauty around me; the floras and faunas which mostly are unfamiliar to me. I enjoyed my companions more, the experience of trekking and the transition of different slopes became pleasant.


What amazes me several months after the climb, was that I actually missed it. Aside from the magnificent views, there's just something far from ordinary that makes me want to climb more mountains. Maybe it's the challenge, maybe it's the people with me, or the peace and satisfaction, but I’m really not sure.

I was a very busy person back then. I worked at least 10-12 hours; some of my colleagues even teased me that I should live in the office. I was workaholic, and during my rest days I would jump from one activity to another. My schedule was loaded; you can see my calendar mark red for the whole month. For a professed workaholic, climbing a mountain was like suicide; I had to move my appointments, and leave my works - unfinished. Plus it's hard to even get a signal on top of the mountain, can't even surf the net or check my emails. It was a total chaos for me and I can do nothing about it. I was out of control and I hated not being in control. Sure I love to travel a lot, but being in the mountain feels so uncomfortable for busy bees like me. 


Ironically, it was something I never thought I needed. To go back being vulnerable and away from the confusion and pollution of what I thought life is. My busy schedule made me live like a zombie; I'm alive but not truly living. The mountains thought me a lot of lessons in life, and there's still a lot to be learned. It was like a therapy that helped me realize what's really important and to go back enjoying the simple things in life. When I'm on top of a mountain, I feel at home. And I know, most mountaineers feel the same. We just cannot make people understand why we love going back to our second home, because we really can't make them understand; unless they experienced it first hand.

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