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Surprising Frontera Verde

When I started working in the corporate world after graduating from College, stress was my constant companion. Whenever I feel tired, frustrated or aggravated, I always daydream about going far and away from the city and just have a good vacation somewhere else. But unfortunately, that's a privilege I can't always afford. 

Tied up with the company's policies and a few vacation leaves, I have no option but to stay buckled in my chair and work desk. Thus, my alternative when I'm having a stressful day was to take at least 15 minutes' walk outside the office. Lucky me, my workplace then was located in somewhat be considered as one of the metro's kinda sophisticated spot - Frontera Verde.

Unlike other business districts in Metro Manila which were densely populated and located in very busy streets and avenues; Frontera Verde is a compound about more or less 20 hectares - not heavily polluted nor crowded. 

In this part of the metro, you can still breathe fresh air and s…