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3 Reasons Why People Go Crazy Over Jennifer Lawrence!

People are obsessed with J.Law, or maybe I just think so. Okay, this is the point when I have to be honest with you my readers - I'm obsessed with this Hunger Games star. She has succeeded replacing my adored Lara Croft goddess Angelina Jolie in my mind. My sister tag me as someone with excessive, single-minded zeal over Jennifer Lawrence. From her movies, to her photos, interviews and all - she has undoubtedly became the alternative to shopping (I kid you, alright, you may think this is over rated - so I have to stop). 

Anyway, I think there are 3 TOP reasons why she's now the famous daughter of Aphrodite.

#1 She's devastatingly B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
I mean look at those killer eyes, from soft to intense stare that could reach to your soul. Then down to her perfect nose and kissable lips, if the goddess of beauty face doesn't come close to her then she's drop-dead gorgeous - a definite overkill! Not to mention her red-hot, sexy body - what more can you ask for a star? T…