The Rural Way: La Paz Beach, San Narciso

Forgive the low quality of my photos here, I took these way back 2007 – the year of pre-medieval cellular phones. Kidding, but that’s what they call it back then until it become cellphone / mobile phone and now to the legendary smartphones! Anyway, my point is the mobile phone I was using when I visited this place was a Sony Ericson W700, with 2MP, 1632 x 1224 pixels, so I hope that makes sense why these photos were awfully bad plus we weren't able to bring a digicam.  Anyway enough of this, allow me to introduce a not-so popular beach in Zambales (or at least during the year we went there).

Zambales coastline is one of the top destinations in Luzon along with Batangas and Quezon Province as these provinces boasts of a distinctly beautiful long shore lines, very accessible, and budget-friendly. However, when you speak of Zambales most people will think of Subic beaches, Potipot Island, Nagsasa Cove and the famous Anawangin Cove. This, being a fact; means it will be a challenge to find a quiet and less crowded beach in Zambales, right? Well, not really.

La Paz beach in San Narciso Zambales was a complete opposite (as I remember). What I liked about this place was that there’s the real feel of rural living and the locale really took good care of the beach. It’s remote, tranquil and just perfect if you’re in the stage of life wanting to do some soul searching (LOL). 

The place where we stayed was the sole resort in the vicinity back then. It has a very cozy accommodation – a big Nipa Hut house, and outside were several small huts which provides shade for those who just want to get near the soothing waves or sit while doing some BBQ. The place offers its visitors a glimpse of Camara and Capones Islands. Facing South China Sea, expect a good set of waves for surfing as well. The sands were fine in texture, with some mix of shells and coral rocks. Crystal beach resort has a wide-enough space to camp plus there's a lot of pine trees around. I think what adds to its ‘rural-ish’ look was the bamboo ornaments all over the resort.

My verdict for this place: remote, tranquil, fair-enough waves for surfing. I guess I dig this type of beaches; not overly commercialized – and of course not crowded. If you’re like me, I suggest you visit this place – I’m pretty sure you’ll gain back your sanity you've lost in the Metro. :)

P.S. Okay so I tried not to mind posting old and trashy photo resolutions, but it didn't work. So I Google search the resort where we stayed and try to find (which I did) quality photos to give justice to the place. So here they are: (Photo credits to Crystal Beach Resort)

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